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Titanic – Did It’s Interior Trends Also Sink With The Past?

The Titanic, the world’s largest and most luxurious ocean liner, was traveling from England to New York when it struck an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on April 14, 1912. It sank less than three hours later, with the loss of all but 700 of the 2,208 passengers and crew.  This past weekend marked the 100th anniversary of it sinking. It’s a very sad yet historic day.

I often wondered what the interiors really looked liked in person. The rich patterns, the texture of the fabrics, the glow of the massive chandeliers. What was the difference between 1st class and 4th class rooms? Are the styles still a part of interiors today?

Take a look at the some interior photos starting in order with 3rd class, instead of the usual 1st class.


3rd class dining room


1st class dining room


1st Class dining room made up for dinner

image image

Tub chairs,  (also called barrel backs) in the 3rd class dining section are still being used today with many modifications. It’s a very functional chair often seen in public areas.


Here is a leather and fabric upholstery design sold today that reminds me of the Jacobean style chairs in the 1st class dining room.  This style will always be relevant in traditional interiors.


3rd class lounge


1st class writing room and lounge


1st class writing room made up for passengers Luncheon

image image

3rd class accommodations

image image
image image

1st Class Suites

It’s so amazing how old black and white photos versus sharp color photos have such a shroud of mystery and nostalgia associated with it.

Only Two Bathtubs
Although most passengers had to share bathrooms (only the two promenade suites in first class had private bathrooms), third class had it rough with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers.

image2 passengers working out in the gymnasium. We’ve come a long way baby!


image image
image image

Titanic art: vintage posters, letters sent while on board, the last photographed image and random photos taken on board sells over 300 prints related to the Titanic.  It makes me wonder what images will be sold of 9/11 a hundred years from now, 50 years, even 10 years…  Is this morally right? After all, these are lost lives we are talking about.  I don’t know. I’m guilty of finding this tragedy fascinating, mysterious and or course sad, but I’ve always been intrigued about it’s interiors and how passengers lived on board.  That’s why the color visuals of James Cameron’s, Titanic still captures me to this day…and yes, the Romeo and Juliet spin he attached to it made it all the more appealing.


2nd class suite images

3d Color Simulations of various rooms

10 Facts About the Titanic You Didn’t Know

What the What?!

….but I like it!!!!

Is there really any need to explain?:-/

They forgot to wrap it in plastic!

Oh-no, grandmas going to be so mad at you.

You have to appreciate this dining room table?

It’s dripping in originali-tee!

Thanks Dezine HQ

Check out their blog for more



I Feel The Heat

Excitedly,  I’m working on an outdoor patio that includes a creative furniture plan to surround a fire pit.  So, as I look for design inspirations on line, I stumbled upon this amazingly beautiful and in ground fire pit and seating arrangement.

Although springtime is right around the corner, I can completely imagine myself laying around enjoying the warmth and spirit of this organic setting.

Not a fire pit, but I had to include “hammock alley” in the mix as a simple, lovely  way to swing and pass the hours away…

Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Images via Studio Blog

And if you every doubted plum could look so delicious…think again.

….more exotic images by Studio Blog

Know what I like about this space? Nothing matches, but everything works well together.  The coffee table is just a big ‘ol block of wood but it’s way cool.  All the tones are earthy and warm yet balanced by the cool tones of the white walls.

More outdoor images found on Jeremy and Kathleen’s Blogspot

There’s nothing more magical and natural than water and fire combined…talk about heaven on earth!!!  Equally magical is shaggy grass planted between the tiles. It softens and warms the ground that otherwise  may be hard and cold.

Image via Debbie Evans Garden Design

Be sure to check out Southern Living  for some great tips if you plan to have an outdoor fireplace or pit.

Living Outdoors Can Be So Inviting

Earthy Colors – Image via House Beautiful

A Colorful Cabana – Image via House Beautiful

If you ever want to escape and long to be in a place that takes you as far as your imagination will allow, look no further than your own back yard. Whether you have a screened in porch, a patio, a veranda or sunroom, add a few special touches to make it your home outside your home.

Cynthia at Serenity In Design had the right idea sharing the beauty and tranquility of these extended rooms.

Image via Serenity In Design

See more of her images here.  Beware, they will draw you in.  Thanks Cynthia!

Feel like tackling some outdoor home improvement projects? These How-To’s will get you started:

5 Tips To A Beautiful Outdoor Space

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Sunroom Decor

Reclaimed Barnwood – Ain’t It Cool!

Ah, the richness of rugged reclaimed wood.  There’s only one way to describe it and it comes from one of my favorite lines in the movie Face Off.  Riley (C. Slater) “You’re out of your mind”.  Vic (J. Travolta) “Yea, ain’t it cool”. I love it! It is so cool!

How a type of wood and a piece of furniture can excite me so I just don’t know, but this console by Environment Furniture certainly does.

This would be perfect to use in upcoming design show I am participating in.  I am actually designing a vintage-mod bedroom and this could serve as my vintage piece since it’s reclaimed barn-wood. Such character in the thin slats of wood, which is over 100 years old.  From their Peroba Collection, Environment used two types of stain, Walnut and Ebony over Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood. Each section reveals a set of shelves.

More funky furniture by EF.

Topanga Newspaper and Craft Paper Shelves

Mushroom Coffee Table

Gavia 4 Door Plazma Stand

Environment now has an On -Line store that you must visit. And, yes, they have some really “cool” items you can buy directly from them.