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Looking For an Out of the Ordinary Candle Holder?

Find at Tchotchke Chic

This “Circle of Life” Hurricane Style Candle Holder is one of my favorite!  It comes in two sizes. It’s perfect for several specific needs:

  • When you want to feature the background of an area but you need something to further draw your eye to that area.
  • When you need an elegant, yet understated accessory to occupy a larger span
  • When you need a sculptural item, something with attractive lines, perfect for a fireplace, on a pedestal or any area that calls for an artistic touch, and
  • When you need an accessory in a pewter finish to balance other finishes within a room.

Z Gallery use to sell them, so i was happy to find that I have another source to call upon.

Beautiful Things in Unexpected Places!

Funny how beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

Notice the texture and depth of color in this blue coral, an inexpensive resin vase, a basket and in this dried floral arrangement.