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Small Space Tips: Living Room

A Design Driven Life – By Sam

Thanks to some of my Facebook friends, I will be starting a series of “small space” design tips. Seeing that most of my friends are young, early to mid 20’s, we haven’t hit that “big house” status yet. So some of us are still living in college style dorms, apartments or Mom’s basement. The other dilemma that 20 somethings are also facing is the lack funds! Since I too face all of these issues, I want to help with cool design suggestions that can help anyone design for their small space and not break the bank.

This week I’m going to start tackling the living room. I think that most of us can agree that this is one of the most important spaces since this is where all of our company will be hanging out. I figured the best way to explain one way of tackling a living room would be to lead by example. The picture on the far left is a great example of a well decorated small living room. So lets break it down…

For starters, this small space does not follow the traditional “furniture sets” way of thinking. So theres no sofa, love seat and matching chair, theres no way that scenario could fit in most small living rooms and if you did put it in there, it makes your space look crowded and smaller! So here we have a love seat paired with a single upholstered chair, a comfortable fit and a nice look. They have added in two bunching tables that seem like they could double as benches (extra seating bonus! Stay tuned for more ideas like this one). As for the two side tables, they have the purpose of adding more furniture, but also being functional. They chose smaller and visually lighter looking pieces, to keep with the theme of making the space appear larger. The area rug helps to ground the small living room setting and giving you a pop from the floor. By choosing neutral colored furniture this allows you to add in colorful through pillows that help to create effortless style. Texture is also something that you should strive for when trying to achieve a good design, whether its visual,through patterned fabrics or touchable in the rug. As you can see, there doesn’t seem to be much wall space, so they thoughtfully used beautifully framed mirrors that create the timeless illusion of a larger space. Another tip when arranging your furniture, you should try not to focus on all furniture on the TV, it limits your possibilities, think in good conversation arrangements and good design will follow.

As you can see, I’ve plotted out a few pieces to help you break down and achieve this look, oh and the even better part, its the same look only for less!

White Love Seat $399– Ikea

Wicker Arm Chair $219 – Pier One

Tray Top White Side Table $99- World Market

White Side Table $25- WalMart

Solid Throw Pillows $9.99- World Market

Patterned Throw Pillow $16.99- World Market

White and Gray Area Rug 6’5” X 4’4” $19.99- Ikea

Starburst Mirror $19.99- Ikea

Photos courtesy of Ikea, Pier One, World Market, WalMart & RoomU.

Finally Getting Into The Thanksgiving Spirit!

A Design Driven Life – posted by Sam

Yes, I know, it’s a shame. As Thanksgiving approaches quickly and is just days away, I am finally feeling the holiday spirit! Soon, my family and I will be boarding a plane to small town USA or in other words, Plattsburgh, NY! Not too far from Lake Placid, this is where my grandmother resides. This is my very domestic grandmother who can pretty much do anything! I’m super excited to see what new talents I’ll come back with, don’t worry, I’ll give you the scoop! But back to thanksgiving, I figured I’d leave you all with a few fun things for Thanksgiving… Enjoy!

There is enough stress and pressure involved with cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner that your table setting should be the least of your worries. This table setting is very pretty and simple to create, and is sure to impress your holiday guests. You could create this table setting with a strip of burlap fabric (can find it in any cut yardage fabric store) and run it down the center. Then grab a couple of bud vases or small pottery pieces that you may have around the house and pop in a couple of beautiful leaves from your yard, and even naturally growing flowers you may have. Place these randomly on the table or even at each table setting. Last, use your best china (that you never get to use!), or even mis matched dishes (to create a less formal feel) to set the table, add in water glasses and cloth napkins. Your result will be a cozy and stylish table setting that could work all season long.

A simple, yet festive table setting for the holidays

Creative centerpieces are always a big hit at your holiday dinner. Try one of these great ideas using a traditional pumpkin

An unexpected look for your traditional pumpkin

Add a little sparkle where ever you can, especially for the holiday.

Looking to find a new recipe to mix things up this thanksgiving? New York magazine recently did an article on top chefs and their Thanksgiving family recipes, one of these will surely be a hit!

Try a new recipe this year, one of these recipes is bound to become one of you family's Thanksgiving regulars!

If you’re like me, and aren’t cooking the turkey this year, be sure to bring your holiday host something sweet to show your appreciation! These cocktail mixers are a great way to bring in the holidays and a thoughtful way to say thanks!

Bring a fun gift for a hard working host

I hope you all have enjoyed reading and have a fabulous holiday, now enjoy this last link, you’ll love it!  —>Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos courtesty of Country Living, New York Magazine, No Fuss Fabulous, & PureContemporary.

How To Mix Patterns in a Room

DO NOT be overwhelmed when it comes to mixing patterns in a room.  Start conquering your fears with two simple rules.

1. Vary the scale of patterns.

This rule is well orchestrated in this bedroom. The designer used a super large, very bold and striking  pattern in the comforter.  The roman shade has a medium size pattern and if you look closely the coverlet in yellow has a very small pattern.  If the homeowner wanted to add any other patterns, they would have to be a smaller scale as not to compete with the comforter.

2. Vary the pattern design.

Make it interesting!  Use floral, abstract, diamond, stripes or geometrical designs.  Many fabric mills will make coordinating fabrics as part of a collection.  They do the work for you; however, if you want a truly unique design, step outside of a given collection to put your stamp on the design.

Most important, do not stress about it.  Just have fun mixing it up!

Images from HGTV, and Houzz.

Black is Beautiful

I enjoy finding similarities in things that are seemingly SO different.  I can just as easily image this wallpaper pattern on a pair of leggings as I can the legging pattern on a wall.  Why not?!

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Any other color would not be the same.

Splashing Susani!

Fascinated with the bold, vibrant and colorful images found in Susani textiles?  If so, you re not alone.  Trendbites offer a brief but interesting  back story on the origins of the susani textile and UZTextile details the history of patterns, characteristics, materials and the various styles unique to each geographical region.

Designed as wall hangings and bed covers they are still used in this manor but also as table top covers, poof pillows, throws and so much more.

Talk about a color explosion! This susani bedcover steals the scene with an injection of vibrant colors and larger than life graphic designs.

Elle Decor via Jennifer Adams Design Blog

Even in a traditional interior setting, a susani in contrasting colors add a touch of modern flair.

Elle Decor via Hampton Hostess Blogspot

Beautiful! The turquoise walls are a cooling effect, but oh how I love the warm energy of these summer colors.

Image post from  Edyta and Company Blogspot

Uniquely personal it's obvious each item in this space was selected with purpose. The susani adds the right combination of large scale pattern with the richness of the textile itself.

Image post from  Cotodetexas.blogspot

The softer side of Susani

I agree with The City Sage, this rooms rustic ceiling, low windows, and softer hues, leave me captivated.

Susani wall hanging, matted and framed, contribute to the sophisticated flair of this living room.

Canadian House and Home Magazine via Design-Ties Blog

Large framed susani proving size really does matter.

Elle Decor via Little Green Notebook Blog

If a full scale susani is just too much for your design scheme, then just a touch in a chair or pillow can make an equally powerful statement.

Susani pillows

Susani Chair

Apartment Therapy via Little Green Notebook Blog

How cool is this chair trimmed in susani.

via Kids Today Online

Susani Upholstered Bench

via Inspire Bohemia Blogspot

You can't help but smile when you look at the clever mix of colors and patterns in this space.


via Apartment Thearpy


Suzani painted cabinet

via Girl World Decor Blogspot

Susani Shoes

I don’t know about you but this post leaves me I’m inspired to discover ways to add a splash of Susani in my home.