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What Inspires Your Creativity?

That’s the theme for Charlotte’s 3rd annual HIGHEST DESIGN contest!  Create the next design for the Design Center of the Carolina’s water tower.  Not only will the winning design be seen at an inspiring altitude, the designer will also win $1,000!  Additionally, Carolina Pad will make a $5,000.00 donation of classroom supplies to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School championed by the winning artist.  Contest began January 17th, 2012.  Visit Design Center Carolinas website for official rules.



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1st Place 2011: Ashley Plyler


 1st Place 2011: Randy Logan, 5th grade, Sedgefield Elementary.

Do You Know How To Stumble?






For me, I like to Stumble upon all things design related.

 I Stumbled Upon a Happy

Blog called Anthology,

just today.


What a fun replication of a interior space!!!  You have to see it close up to appreciate it.


see more, thanks Anthology

Who doesn’t appreciate art in it’s simplest form. Sometimes less is more – keeping it clean fresh and young speaks volumes.


Create your own vision in a scrape book with a story board.  Not only should you draw, and sketch but cut and paste. Do whatever you need to tell your story and generate excitement.


Just Micron! You can buy those pens at Michael’s ya know.  Of course, all you need is a little talent and you can create these vivid images. Artist Afsaneh Tajvidi – found it on Anthology if you want to see more of her work.

Head to Stumble Upon and set up your own personalized resource.

Wallpaper Revealed

Embrace, surround, explore and celebrate the many uses of wallpaper.   Here’s the skinny on some things you should know.

Revelation# 1:  It’s easy to calculate the quantity of wallpaper you need for your project


Revelation #2:  Wallpaper is packaged in double rolls but sold as single rolls.

Decades ago, manufacturers offered several different sizes of rolls (single, double, triple) with a standard of pricing by the single roll.  The pricing remains as it always has been – by the single roll. I know it’s confusing and just because its always been done that way doesn’t mean it always has to be. There is an added advantage to double roll packaging.  You are working with a longer continuous length; therefore, there is a greater amount of usable material (less waste when matching the pattern).

Info via Seabrook Wallpaper, answers to more wallpaper FAQ’s here

Revelation #3:  Look up to be inspired!

Use it on the ceiling.

The powder room is the perfect place to WOW a quest with wallpaper.  And yes, that’s wallpaper (grass cloth) on the ceiling too.

Revelation #4:  Put it on a focal wall.


Revelation #5: Put it “in”, “over” and “down” under.


Punctuated with rich velvety brown molding, natural wallpaper is placed above the chair rail, under the chair rail and within the picture molding of the wainscoting.  I’m loving it!  The white makes it less saturated and fresh on the eyes.

Revelation #6: Wallpaper has the power to dictate a design style


How darling is this transformation.  Kudos’s to this homeowner for seeing the potential in what could have been a tattered old cupboard. It’s gone from “granny” sad to “cougar” fine, ough-la-la!

Revelation #7: Use wallpaper as decoration for your furniture.

Via, see more artful furniture designs here

HotDOG I’m loving this room!  What a vibrant color combination. Of course, I’m a free spirited orange luving girl anyway – but to pair it with purple is awesome.

Revelation #8:  Use wallpaper to tell a story.


What’s up city slicker?! This kitchen mural would not have the same energy with any other design. Now you INSTANTLY get the felling of stepping out on a Friday night to enjoy the city with friends -and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  Many wallpaper murals are available in various styles.

Revelation #9:  Kitchen and wallpapers make a very good marriage

Via, see more great kitchen wallpaper designs here

I like this! Camouflage old cabinets with corner to corner wallpaper. If you can’t lick ’em – join ’em.

Revelation #10:  Wallpaper panels – framed art for your walls


I hope you’ve been inspired to discover which wallpaper designs are right for your project. Now get out there and start a WALLPAPER REVOLUTION!!!


Enter to Win Our “Spring Fling” Contest

You could win a $100.00 Gift Certificate to purchase some fabulous ART! All you have to do is tell me what you are doing or plan to do, to celebrate Spring within your home.  Keep reading to get the details.

One way to celebrate your “Spring Fling” is with new art on your walls!  That’s right, have a wild affair with accessorizing your favorite space for springtime.  You will be amazed at how adding or changing just one piece of art will invigorate you and your home!

Coastal Rain via

From the tranquility of blue skies after an April shower…

Gingko Branch II via

… to the optimism of fresh foliage and butterflies fluttering around, Spring is in the air and it’s time to bring it  indoors.

Recently, I chimed in on a discussion lead by Suzanne Salk who had some bright  ideas on how to take your room design to the next level displaying art.  More importantly, we both agreed that you don’t have to spend tons of money on art when there are fabulous options right at your finger tips (especially through my FAVORITE on-line art haven),!.

Suzanne shared her 5 most popular art themes for Spring.  You will find them all through,  my preferred on-line vendor for one-stop-shopping. I’ve included some tips on how to incorporate them into your design plan.  When you finish, leave a comment on what you have done or plan to do to invigorate your home for Spring.  *****To be eligible to win, you must post your comment at the bottom of this post, not Facebook, not Twitter nor via email. *****Your name will be included in a drawing and I will post the winners name on May 7th. Read a little further to see what the winner of the $100.00 Gift Certificate can purchase!

1. Charming  and Whimsical

Singh via

These pieces are a great way to express the FUN side of you. Perfect for inviting spaces such as hallways, kitchens, mudrooms or laundry rooms.  When grouping them, mix it up with different frames and matting.  No rules apply here.

2. Fresh Botanicals

Gingko Branch by Asia Jensen via

Buy a few framed botanicals and rest them on a mantel or shelf for a relaxed elegant look. Such images are a delicate way to ease a floral design into a room of a homeowner that is usually adverse to a floral pattern. Big graphic designs are always fun and when you have a soft wall color like buttercup, they play well against one another.

3. Metallic Highlights

Gold Swirls by Lisa Kowalski via

Metallic finishes are perfect for master suites, living rooms and dining rooms.  They add sophistication and elegance to any modern room.  Pair it with something like a rough textured table like stone, unfinished or reclaimed wood and the contrast is amazing.  This metallic can be in the print itself or in the frame.  It’s the shimmer that counts.

4. Red, Black and White

Artist Norman Wyatt Jr., see more

Notice how just a little bit of red in this print goes a long way.  This may be all you need to wake up an otherwise dull space within your home.  These colors will have more impact if they are mounted gallery style. A row of 4 or 5 red, black and white images will be stunning in a space that is primarily yellow, black and white.

By the way, I really like Wyatt’s work.  If you are into modern design to any degree here are a few more images of his to enjoy.

Rebirth by Wyatts via

Rich and Smooth IV (for the kitchen) via

5. Pretty in Plum

Original art via Volk, see more

Plum is HOT right now! Indulge! There’s just a touch in this abstract but that’s exactly where your eye is drawn too.  Plum is sweet with metallic! It’s great for a master bedroom because it’s both masculine and feminine.  Add gray against it and plum becomes sultry.  Cluster several images and just a few with plum and it will create depth and interest to the entire room.

Art tends to be a very personal thing.  You don’t have to stick with one theme by any means. Find what excites you and incorporate that into your space. As I mentioned before, I love Vintage Posters, and I recently purchased 3 Slamming  Vintage Art posters to hang on my stairway wall.

Bal Negre via

Meeting d’ Aviation Nice Via

Nippon Soul Cannon Ball Addlerly via

Once I get them framed and mounted I’ll share some pics with you! So tell me, what are your plans for your house this Spring?

Leave me a comment (on this post) and your name will be entered in a drawing to receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate towards any purchase from! It’s so easy to look for art on their website – just enter the subject, style, color or artist.  The winners name will be posted on May 7th! Good Luck!

Street Walking for the Arts

The Sensoria – Celebration of the Arts at Central Piedmont Community College was a big success last Sunday!  It was a beautiful day and it was all about fun in the sun with an explosion of creativity, music and of course food!

As the student liaison for the Charlotte Chapter of IDS I was happy to contribute, along with Pam Hacker, in educating the public on what we do as Interior Designers and to mentor students in the Interior Design Program at all the local schools.

IDS Charlotte / Interior Design

Photo provided by Nicole Love, a Photo Journalism major at CPCC who is on track to graduate in Spring of 2012

Take a peek at more of Nicole’s work.  She’s got skills!

Student member Angela Peck was also on board with Designer, Artist and Instructor Pam Hacker to pass out brochures, “Why You Should Hire An IDS Designer” and postcards for the May 6th CPCC Interior Design Student Portfolio Show.

PCL Interiors also had a drawing for 1 Free Hour Interior Design Consultation by yours truly…and the winner was Liz Mixon!  Thank you to all that signed up to receive PCL Interiors monthly newsletter.

Sensoria street scene

Kimple Kreations is a brother sister team of talented artist Anthony and Kimberly Daise. I purchased the Blu-lady on the left and now she’s all mine! I just love her!  Of course I thought about Avitar when I first saw it but the artist, Kim, painted it long before the movie and it’s actually a self portrait. Outstanding job Kim.

The Natty Fray had some of the most adorable rings, hair clips and broaches made from frayed fabric.

Mainstreet Creations had some beautiful sculptural paper art by Lisa Underwood.

Amadou African and European Art and Fashions

Zizi’ Vegetarian

Grilled cheese sandwiches and duck tacos with homemade coleslaw was just some of the food for sale at the festival

Luna’s Living Kitchen

Charlotte Clean and Green set up in this amazing party in a “shipping container” called Boxman Studios. So sweet – it’s ultra chic!

Go Green!

Sensoria Celebration of the Arts partnered with Charlotte Clean and Green for a day of education and fun.

Earth Fare

No detail left undone – all the regular trash cans were concealed to promote proper recycle and disposal.