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Buy a Box of Wine, and Go Green!

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

If ever box wine comes up in conversation, it automatically gives me flash backs of freshman year in college and that big box of Franzia in our mini fridge. We could barely fit anything else in there, admittedly it probably wasn’t the classiest choice, but hey, we were college students! The once looked down upon Box Wine is now being shown in a different light. With the ever growing concern for our mother nature, ABC’s Good Morning America did a feature on how Box Wine can be another way to go green! I thought this would be a great story to follow up on for my readers (and help justify my college drink of choice!).

Bottled Wine vs. Boxed Wine, you be the judge!

Studies show that a Box of Wine versus a bottle of wine requires less packaging which costs less to transport, which in turn cuts down on carbon emissions!  According to GMA,  in one years time, if 97% of wines were switched to boxes it would be the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road.  That is 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions LESS per year!  Pretty awesome, huh? We all know how hard it can be to become a total “green convert”, and this could be that one easy step in the right direction.   Also, on the plus side, most boxed wine comes in 3 liter packaging.  That’s roughly 4 bottles of wine!  More bang for your buck and more space in the fridge!

So you are worried that Boxed Wine wont be as delicious as the bottle, right?  They’ve got that covered too!

There has been a huge increase in the quality of wines being boxed.  Ask your local wine store if your fave comes in an environment friendly box.  If not, look at it as an excuse for a wine tasting get together.  You’ll find a new favorite all while helping the environment! name these wines as the top 5 best wines that you can find in a box:

Three Thieve Bandit Pinot Grigio ($9/liter)

French Rabbit Pino Noir Vin de Pays d'Oc ($10/liter)

Hardys Shiraz South Eastern Australia ($19/3liters)

Black Box Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles ($22/3liters)

Box Wine has come a long way but the best of the best has not found its way to the Box yet. They are still working on that!  For you wine snobs who just cant get away from your bottle,  stay tuned for some creative ways to recycle your empty bottles.

Looking for more info on wine or other small steps toward becoming green? Check out Dr.Vino or Good Morning America’s weekly segment “Just One Thing.

Simple Idea – Bold Statement

This Fresh Family Friendly bedroom in Toronto was featured in  It is so inviting.  This couple must feel  like they are on permanent vacation when they wake up in the morning and go to bed at night.  Let’s face it, isn’t that the ideal mood you want for your home?

Gorgeous Bedroom Decorated on a Budget

The other reason this bedroom caught my eye was because of the headboard design.  Simple molding construction with  a wallpaper insert can be used in so many ways.  The fireplace design I highlighted in a previous post is very similar to this headboard.

Can you think of other ways to use this same combination?  If you have created something similar please share your photos with me.

See more images of this lovely home here and discover some  money saving techniques during their design process.

Thank You:  Photo courtesy of

Who has a lot of cheese, mimosas and a chance for you to win a $10,000 home makeover?

World Market's Blood Orange Mimosa by Canella It's a mouth full of GOODNESS!

Every time I browse the isles of World Market I feel as though I’m transported to some exotic country on a private tour.  Maybe it’s the bohemian music piping through the walls.  Perhaps it’s the abundance of party appetizers from different regions of the world.  Or is it their seemingly unending selection of wine, imported beer, coffee, drink mixes, Low Calorie Italian sodas and sparkling water? Yea, that’s it – Mimosas!

Outside Hotel Monaco in Venice - This is exactly where I image myself being when I drink my mimosa from my pink frosted mug!

As often as possible I pick up a bottle of the Blood Orange Mimosa by Canella.  It’s a wine cocktail made from grape wine and the juice and pulp of the crimson-fleshed Sicilian blood oranges.   I like to drink it from a straw in a frosted mug after a hard day, or a happy day or any ‘ol day.  The Mimosa’s and Bellini wine cocktail by the Prosecco grower Canella, is like a cool glass of Italian summer.

"Bellinone" in Piazza San Marco. I enjoy their Bellini also (although not nearly as much as the Mimosas). I could not resist sharing these images of the Bellini parade.

Looking for a party cheese? World Market has it.

The Sonoma Jacks Cheese Wedges are great for munching on in the car when I’m running around town.  They also come in SJ Lights for the healthier side.  Of course, Gouda cheese is good any time.  I melt mine in the microwave just enough to release its creamy nutty flavor.

Xochitl Tortilla Chips

Another favorite that my hubby and I enjoy are the Xochitl Chips.   I normally buy some of the fresh salsa mix at Trader Joe’s or Harris Teeter’s Black Bean and Corn.  I’m sure I would save a bundle if I made my own but THAT’S  not going to happen. Just ask my husband.

World Market is giving away a chance to win a home MAKEOVER with HGTV’s Antonio Ballatore!

You could be a WINNER!

Hum, I wonder if I can trade in the makeover for a truck load of Mimosas.  Count me in either way!

Register here.

Thank you!  Canella images courtesy of Bellini Canella Flickr Photostream