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Wallpaper Revealed

Embrace, surround, explore and celebrate the many uses of wallpaper.   Here’s the skinny on some things you should know.

Revelation# 1:  It’s easy to calculate the quantity of wallpaper you need for your project


Revelation #2:  Wallpaper is packaged in double rolls but sold as single rolls.

Decades ago, manufacturers offered several different sizes of rolls (single, double, triple) with a standard of pricing by the single roll.  The pricing remains as it always has been – by the single roll. I know it’s confusing and just because its always been done that way doesn’t mean it always has to be. There is an added advantage to double roll packaging.  You are working with a longer continuous length; therefore, there is a greater amount of usable material (less waste when matching the pattern).

Info via Seabrook Wallpaper, answers to more wallpaper FAQ’s here

Revelation #3:  Look up to be inspired!

Use it on the ceiling.

The powder room is the perfect place to WOW a quest with wallpaper.  And yes, that’s wallpaper (grass cloth) on the ceiling too.

Revelation #4:  Put it on a focal wall.


Revelation #5: Put it “in”, “over” and “down” under.


Punctuated with rich velvety brown molding, natural wallpaper is placed above the chair rail, under the chair rail and within the picture molding of the wainscoting.  I’m loving it!  The white makes it less saturated and fresh on the eyes.

Revelation #6: Wallpaper has the power to dictate a design style


How darling is this transformation.  Kudos’s to this homeowner for seeing the potential in what could have been a tattered old cupboard. It’s gone from “granny” sad to “cougar” fine, ough-la-la!

Revelation #7: Use wallpaper as decoration for your furniture.

Via, see more artful furniture designs here

HotDOG I’m loving this room!  What a vibrant color combination. Of course, I’m a free spirited orange luving girl anyway – but to pair it with purple is awesome.

Revelation #8:  Use wallpaper to tell a story.


What’s up city slicker?! This kitchen mural would not have the same energy with any other design. Now you INSTANTLY get the felling of stepping out on a Friday night to enjoy the city with friends -and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  Many wallpaper murals are available in various styles.

Revelation #9:  Kitchen and wallpapers make a very good marriage

Via, see more great kitchen wallpaper designs here

I like this! Camouflage old cabinets with corner to corner wallpaper. If you can’t lick ’em – join ’em.

Revelation #10:  Wallpaper panels – framed art for your walls


I hope you’ve been inspired to discover which wallpaper designs are right for your project. Now get out there and start a WALLPAPER REVOLUTION!!!


Now That’s Living: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Abode

They had me at the DOOR!!! I cant wait to see the rest of the home. Get a copy of Architectural Digest September issue for more pictures, or you can take a look at Zavvi Rodaine’s blog for a couple of extra photos.   A big thanks to Charlotte’s UPTOWN magazine for my first peek at the article.

I could fall in love…it’s only 25,000 sq feet.  I could handle that.

With views like this who needs a vacation home? Well Will and Jada of course!

By the way, did you know that their daughter, Willow, will play the title role in the remake of Annie. Don’t run to the theaters too soon, this may be a year or two away.

So who designed this incredible home?  Stephen Samuelson of Plan A Architecture who also designed Gene Hackman’s home in Sante Fe. Will admired his home so much he was inspired to create his own earthy dwelling.  Will and Jada have certainly done their part to stimulate the economy.  You better believe everything was built by hand with a myriad of talented artisans.

As for the Interior Design, Judith Lance is responsible.  Apparently she’s not designing for just any old homeowner.  Looks like that nut is tough to crack unless you’re swimming in the dough.

STOP THE PRESS! I FOUND A VIDEO OF THEIR  HOME thanks to Good Morning America!!!

Achitectural Molding – Cosmetic Surgery For Your Home

via Miriam Payne

It’s amazing how a room can completely transform with a little plastic surgery! As evident in the formal dining room above; crown molding, baseboards, chair rails, picture frame molding greatly enhance the appearance of this space. Painting all the trim in a champagne metallic finish created a high end-couture  look. I liken it to implants (and you know where).  A couple of finishing details can upgrade a linear unappealing form to a more shapely, attention grabbing, visually appealing form. Just the right amount of molding in Miriam’s room created an ultra formal dining space.

BEFORE via PCL Interiors

AFTER via PCL Interiors

Keeping it short and sweet with  basic molding additions (surrounding wallpaper in the above image) is often all that’s needed for a fresh modern room.  Painting it white married it to the existing fireplace mantel and surround.  Sometimes keeping it simple is the best enhancement.  Just like Botox injections, basic trim can rejuvenate tired worn areas.

So, are you planning to have a little reconstructive surgery around your home?  Don’t keep it a secret Nibblers! Tell me about it.

Design Tip: Moderation is essential.  We all know what happens when you take it too far.

The Best Hallways are full of Personality

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

One of the least talked about spaces in the home is typically the hallway. Even though you use it everyday, it may be over looked. Your hallway can help to pull together the rooms adjacent to it, and help to make your well decorated home feel more complete.  Are there any rules to decorating a hallway? Sure, there are certain guide lines you can follow to ensure success; however, the most important rule is to make it your own – unique to your family’s style.

I’ve pulled together a few hallways that will get you thinking about your own.


by Soorikian Architecture

Not just for kids…how creative is this hallway?

by Heather Espana

One hardly knows which way to look first in this hallway? And look at what’s waiting for you at the end!

by Barbara Chambers

Courtesy of Wink...never a dull moment AND the wainscoting will ensure you take it ALL in!

From (DesignSponge)  Showcase your collectibles

Soorikian Architecture,

Heather Espana

Barbara Chambers

2011 Interior Design Trends for a Modern World

Have you ever been curious about emerging trends in other developed countries? I certainly am.  Singapore has always had their hand on the pulse of innovative design solutions, especially when it comes to space saving design.  Many ideas fall in line with America’s trends for the upcoming year.  I selected just a few high lights from an article written by Vincent Lauren on Interior Design in Singapore.

Along with the New Year, here are some predictions for interior design trends for 2011 that Singapore would be likely to adopt. The concept of integrated living and working spaces seem to be increasingly feasible especially with the lack of space and the rising costs of building space as well.

Multi-purpose rooms, home office spaces and the like are expected to be a common sight. The honeysuckle color is also predicted by Pantone to be the hot color of the year too. (Although I say it must be used in JUST the RIGHT application, or you risk bubblegum explosion)

Even so, the usual popular decor themes also include Modern Tropical Balinese, Modern Contemporary, Modern Orientalist or Modern Baroque designs. These favorites are likely to remain or even increase in popularity this year.

Modern Tropical Balinese

Modern Contemporary

Modern Orientalist

Modern Baroque Design

Office spaces are also likely to move towards minimalist modern concepts, together with more green furniture being used for both cost savings and efficiency. In anticipation of the bright future ahead, it is exciting to see what’s more in store for this growing industry.

Read the full article here.

Vincent Lauren is Interior Design expert in Singapore since 1999. Check out this website for more information Unique version for reprint here: Learn About Interior Design Singapore.