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Satisfy Your Decorating Book Fetish at PaperSkyScraper

Last week I was in search of a specific post card holder to display my portfolio cards at an upcoming exhibit.  I stopped in PaperSkyScraper because not only do they normally have trendy, stylish items for sale; but from the moment I walk in I immediately surrender all my concerns, worries and cares behind me!  Who knew a gift shop could be such an experience. This place quietly but urgently makes you want to just buy something!!  Honestly, whether you need it or not.  i constantly find myself saying, “Oh, I need one of these.” Or, “How cute is this!”

They are one of the go-to shops in Charlotte for fun items like greeting cards, wrapping paper, photo albums, cosmetic jewelery, spa and bathroom products, kitchen gadgets and all sorts of other gadgets and what-not’s.  Oh, and how could I forget…BOOKS!  It’s the first thing you see when you walk in. Lots of BOOKS on Interior Design, Garden Design and Decorating in every style imaginable. Someone was in h-e-a-v-e-n…

This is one of many reasons I  XOXO PaperSkyscraper so much.  I flipped through a BOOK or two while I was there.

Book #1

Texture, color, and strong silhouettes are Hagan’s established trademarks.

Book #2

It’s all about Style with Emily

Book #3

Wood’s reinvents his homestead in New Farmhouse Style

Book #4

Book #5

Book #6

Book #7

You can find all of these books when you visit the Charlotte store or you can purchase through PaperSkyScraper’s On-Line site.

Amazingly, I did not find what I came in for but the staff, always on point, did everything they could to help me in my search.  But don’t feel sorry for me, as usual I did not walk out empty handed.  I bought some scrumptious velvety wrapping paper and 3 magazines that I have NEVER seen on the mainstream magazine racks (at least in the Queen City);

Atomic RanchMidcentury Marvels

Living etcThe Homes Magazine For Modern Art

WallpaperDesign, Interiors, Fashion, Art and Lifestyle

I give PaperSkyScraper 5 Stars for satisfying not only my interior design book fetish, but always delivering a warm and inviting place to escape!


Inspiration for a Romantic, Timeless and Classic Bedroom

Interior Design / PCL Interiors,   Photo Credit / Clear Sky Images

Last Sunday marked the close of this years Southern Spring Home and Garden Show in Charlotte, NC.  As one of the participating IDS Interior Designers, I must admit, it was crazy fun and admittedly a little stressful at times.  Preparing for the installation can be a little daunting as I juggle coordinating all those little things that go into designing a room for a show along with trying to maintain the everyday tasks of the business. Thankfully, somehow it always works itself out.

This is my third time participating in the show.  The first time I designed a delightful outdoor veranda, and the second time a fun hang out retreat for tween girls. Both resulted in 1st Place awards (YES, a shameless plug)!

This year I had to participate, not only for the promise of brand exposure, but because  each room was to be inspired by a novel of our choosing.  My imagination soared instantly!  Since my space was designated as a bedroom, I selected The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger as my inspiration for the romantic depiction of how a timeless love parallels a timeless design. There’s a balanced mix of vintage traditional and current modern design elements in the space.

There are several elements introduced that were indirectly inspired by the novel.

1. To represent many meetings by Henry and Claire in the meadow – an introduction of organic materials like the branches, tree bark, fresh flowers and fresh willow branches. I also commissioned an artist to paint a landscape scene on canvas.

2. Torn wallpaper liner on the walls to honor Claire’s craft as a paper sculptor

3. A stack of books covered in wrapping paper serve as a table near the chaise and represent Henry’s profession as a librarian.

4. The clock has no hands because after all, time means nothing when you constantly involuntarily disappear at any given moment.

5. So, I blinged it out with chrome, silver and mercury glass to represent the current time

6. Charles Eastlake chaise and side table represents traveling back in time for a traditional style.

Out of 6 designer rooms, my design received 2nd Place and The People’s Choice Award!

Boulevard Home Furnishings Bazaar provided that adorably stunning french inspired canopy bed. Thanks Cynthia!

Luxurious Silk / Wool combo area rug – can you identify the silhouette of a sexy female body in the rug? Stark Carpet Outlet Tim, you ROCK!

Courtesy of Sally: Fine Italian bedding and linens from DeWoolfson Linens.

Close up of Duvet bedding and paint swatch in PCL Interiors design

A BIG thank you to Joan! Painting and precision wallpaper lining installation  Joan’s Designer Wallcoverings

Gotta love Sherwin Williams paint colors Oyster Bay (walls) Retreat (trim work).

Installation and painting of baseboards and crown molding by Eric and Carrie of Shy’s Design and Construction. Trust me, they do way more than this. Contact them for ANY construction needs.

Kim at Crate and Barrel provided the cordial side bar table. Perfect for any style room.

Bronze tone and cut glass pendant light fixture from Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited in Matthews.

Artist Rosalia Weiner of Home Art Designs.  Heavenly!!!  I commissioned Rosalia for three designs.

1. The love was certainly put into the “L-O-V-E” art on canvas. The branches and bark represent their frequent encounters in Meadow Lark, Claire’s parents backyard.

2. Over the bed is an acrylic painting on canvas, also inspired by Meadow Lark.

3. Most dramatically, on the wall, hand written excerpts from Henry’s love letter to Claire are artfully depicted in Spanish and English on the paper liner.

Thanks to my Jr. Designer Sam Monds, two student designers Raissa Zharoff and Angela Peck and my work room fabricator, Maria Orloff for two custom pillows.

Chrome garden stool from West Elm.

ALL the FRESH fabulous floral arrangements provided by Do A Little Floral in Huntersville, NC.

I certainly hope the images from this room and this great design idea will inspire you to take  elements from a novel and recreate them in your favorite room in the house. Have FUN!

Modern + Vintage – A Classic Love Story

Imagine if you would…

…a bedroom inspired by the tale of one lover who drifts in and out of time while the other patiently waits for his return; over and over and over again.  True love WILL stand the test of time.  Can a well designed room do the same?  Absolutely!

Join me March 2 – 6th at the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show where your favorite home and garden magazines come to life! For 5 DAYS yours truly will showcase a classic mix of vintage and modern design in a romantic bedroom inspired by the timeless love in Audrey Niffenegger’s, The Time Traveler’s Wife.

If you want a sneak peek at some of the design elements I plan to use just follow this blog.

Must Haves! 2011 Interior Design Books

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

Interior designers love accessorizing with colorful, eye-catching coffee table books. Look out for these 2011 new releases that will not only be pretty to look at but offer great design ideas.

If transforming your home into a sustainable haven is a goal for 2011, this book by Ana G. Canizares may be for you. With 150 ideas for eco-designed homes, you are bound to be inspired. You’ll be able to snag this in early February.

Charlotte Moss Decorates

Interior Designer Charlotte Moss has done it again!

Just the cover of this book alone, makes me wish that I could flip through the pages right now!   Her 7th book Charlotte Moss Decorates, to be released April 2011, can be ordered as early as March. Moss is a well respected designer who has licensed designs with big name companies such as Fabricut, Stark Carpet and Brunschwig and Fig.

Not only a great coffee table book, but I’m sure that I’ll be flipping through the pages of Kelly Hoppen’s newest book for simple but lavish ideas this year! Look out for this one in March.

These are just a few of the new releases I am most excited to see; however, there are many more interior design books featuring a number of styles that may suite your taste even more this year.  Be sure to look for them and have fun reading GETTING INSPIRED!