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Have a Little Christmas All Year Long

Why do we have such a fascination with things that shine, that sparkle, that glow and bling?  I like it because it reminds me of having Christmas all year long.  No design element can escape it’s magical aura.  You can find it everywhere!

Wallpaper should always make a statement and this one certainly does.  Center stage is an over sized Vase with fresh flowers.  This metallic finish on plush velvet is to-die-for Linen.  The ultimate glow is this Pinwheel Pendant Lighting from above.

Area rugs help to ground a space and sometimes you want to create an air of polish and  sophistication even below your feet.  For effect, not so much comfort,  throw pillows add a dash of WOW! in just the right spot.  Layer multiples for a balanced look.  Yes, in SOME cases gold has made a comeback.  You have to admit, this faucet is oozing style and glamor.  Everyone can afford a star burst  mirror! I’ve seen them start as low as $15.00!

Why not splash your entire bedroom in silver! Now that’s sexy!

Silver and White bedroom

…or perhaps in gold for the ultimate seduction!

Gold Bedroom with Gray and White Bedding


…even your kitchen should not escape the twinkle of romance.

Modern kitchen back splash in mosaic tile


Do you have a little Christmas year round in your home?  If so, tell us where?

Inspiration for a Romantic, Timeless and Classic Bedroom

Interior Design / PCL Interiors,   Photo Credit / Clear Sky Images

Last Sunday marked the close of this years Southern Spring Home and Garden Show in Charlotte, NC.  As one of the participating IDS Interior Designers, I must admit, it was crazy fun and admittedly a little stressful at times.  Preparing for the installation can be a little daunting as I juggle coordinating all those little things that go into designing a room for a show along with trying to maintain the everyday tasks of the business. Thankfully, somehow it always works itself out.

This is my third time participating in the show.  The first time I designed a delightful outdoor veranda, and the second time a fun hang out retreat for tween girls. Both resulted in 1st Place awards (YES, a shameless plug)!

This year I had to participate, not only for the promise of brand exposure, but because  each room was to be inspired by a novel of our choosing.  My imagination soared instantly!  Since my space was designated as a bedroom, I selected The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger as my inspiration for the romantic depiction of how a timeless love parallels a timeless design. There’s a balanced mix of vintage traditional and current modern design elements in the space.

There are several elements introduced that were indirectly inspired by the novel.

1. To represent many meetings by Henry and Claire in the meadow – an introduction of organic materials like the branches, tree bark, fresh flowers and fresh willow branches. I also commissioned an artist to paint a landscape scene on canvas.

2. Torn wallpaper liner on the walls to honor Claire’s craft as a paper sculptor

3. A stack of books covered in wrapping paper serve as a table near the chaise and represent Henry’s profession as a librarian.

4. The clock has no hands because after all, time means nothing when you constantly involuntarily disappear at any given moment.

5. So, I blinged it out with chrome, silver and mercury glass to represent the current time

6. Charles Eastlake chaise and side table represents traveling back in time for a traditional style.

Out of 6 designer rooms, my design received 2nd Place and The People’s Choice Award!

Boulevard Home Furnishings Bazaar provided that adorably stunning french inspired canopy bed. Thanks Cynthia!

Luxurious Silk / Wool combo area rug – can you identify the silhouette of a sexy female body in the rug? Stark Carpet Outlet Tim, you ROCK!

Courtesy of Sally: Fine Italian bedding and linens from DeWoolfson Linens.

Close up of Duvet bedding and paint swatch in PCL Interiors design

A BIG thank you to Joan! Painting and precision wallpaper lining installation  Joan’s Designer Wallcoverings

Gotta love Sherwin Williams paint colors Oyster Bay (walls) Retreat (trim work).

Installation and painting of baseboards and crown molding by Eric and Carrie of Shy’s Design and Construction. Trust me, they do way more than this. Contact them for ANY construction needs.

Kim at Crate and Barrel provided the cordial side bar table. Perfect for any style room.

Bronze tone and cut glass pendant light fixture from Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited in Matthews.

Artist Rosalia Weiner of Home Art Designs.  Heavenly!!!  I commissioned Rosalia for three designs.

1. The love was certainly put into the “L-O-V-E” art on canvas. The branches and bark represent their frequent encounters in Meadow Lark, Claire’s parents backyard.

2. Over the bed is an acrylic painting on canvas, also inspired by Meadow Lark.

3. Most dramatically, on the wall, hand written excerpts from Henry’s love letter to Claire are artfully depicted in Spanish and English on the paper liner.

Thanks to my Jr. Designer Sam Monds, two student designers Raissa Zharoff and Angela Peck and my work room fabricator, Maria Orloff for two custom pillows.

Chrome garden stool from West Elm.

ALL the FRESH fabulous floral arrangements provided by Do A Little Floral in Huntersville, NC.

I certainly hope the images from this room and this great design idea will inspire you to take  elements from a novel and recreate them in your favorite room in the house. Have FUN!

Stylish Applications for Chalkboard Paint!

2009 Southern Spring Home Show - A Teenage Girls Retreat

In 2009 I designed a hang out for tweens and teenage girls at the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show with a slant towards the Hollywood glam of yesteryear.  I had a blast, of course.  Any design project where I get to play outside the box is sure to be a GOOD time for me.  Although this space was created a couple of years ago, every element is just as relevant today. If you want more images and discussion on the overall design of this room you can go to an earlier post. For now, focus on the rear wall design created out of black chalk board paint and a decorative custom stencil for edging.  Grant it, when we think of chalk board paint, we instinctively think of a child’s room; however, there are also many more uses for it in adult living.

See what I mean in the follow photos:

by A Few Things From My Life

Photos by Faiella Design

By Laura Leiss Interiors

Paint your fridge with it.  Especially if it’s time fore a new one.

Courtesy of Stella Interiors Blog

Okay, so it’s GREEN chalk board paint.  It was such a clever use I had to include it.

A lot of work went into creating this masterpiece, but it was SO worth it.

Found on The Daily Dish, photographer by Tony Soluri and interior design by Thomas Britt.

From Cathie Filian’s Blog

Even the simplest of applications such as, a kitchen back splash, makes a BIG SPLASH on the entire room’s design.

The design can reflect a romantic mood shown here in Jenna Lyon’s austere   bedroom as posted on the Moodboard.

If you change your mood you can change the design of your furniture

Image By Deep Fried Kudzu

Write you notes on a plate painted in chalkboard paint.

Not So Idle For Hands, via A Perfect Playroom

You get the picture. Think outside the box and get to painting. And please send pictures, I’d love to share them.

2011 Interior Design Trends for a Modern World

Have you ever been curious about emerging trends in other developed countries? I certainly am.  Singapore has always had their hand on the pulse of innovative design solutions, especially when it comes to space saving design.  Many ideas fall in line with America’s trends for the upcoming year.  I selected just a few high lights from an article written by Vincent Lauren on Interior Design in Singapore.

Along with the New Year, here are some predictions for interior design trends for 2011 that Singapore would be likely to adopt. The concept of integrated living and working spaces seem to be increasingly feasible especially with the lack of space and the rising costs of building space as well.

Multi-purpose rooms, home office spaces and the like are expected to be a common sight. The honeysuckle color is also predicted by Pantone to be the hot color of the year too. (Although I say it must be used in JUST the RIGHT application, or you risk bubblegum explosion)

Even so, the usual popular decor themes also include Modern Tropical Balinese, Modern Contemporary, Modern Orientalist or Modern Baroque designs. These favorites are likely to remain or even increase in popularity this year.

Modern Tropical Balinese

Modern Contemporary

Modern Orientalist

Modern Baroque Design

Office spaces are also likely to move towards minimalist modern concepts, together with more green furniture being used for both cost savings and efficiency. In anticipation of the bright future ahead, it is exciting to see what’s more in store for this growing industry.

Read the full article here.

Vincent Lauren is Interior Design expert in Singapore since 1999. Check out this website for more information Unique version for reprint here: Learn About Interior Design Singapore.

First Steps To The Ideal Nursery

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

Every little baby deserves to have a comfy, cozy and stylish room to welcome them home from the hospital, but where to begin? Here are a few pointers to help get you started on your new additions special place!

I am not a fan of predictable cartoon character themes. Plain and simple. Your baby deserves a more original, well thought out, personalized theme or feel for their bedroom. Instead of doing Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse, try coming up with something a bit more sophisticated, but still youthful like “Modern Nature”, “Young Sailor”, and “Sweet Ballerina”. If the characters are a must, let them make their appearance through a stuffed animal or a decorative picture frame.

A very sophisticated and youthful theme that can grow with the child.

Soothing colors and tree silhouettes create a pleasing gender neutral theme that any baby would love.

A Ballerina themed room can be a sweet and simple idea for your little princess.

For the walls, a simple stripe, a custom mural or easy wall decals can add some jazz to baby’s room. Picking a specific color scheme of soft and soothing colors will also help to create a lovely safe haven for your newborn.

Stripes always create a formal feel, but when using alternating soft colors it turns into a playful and elegant space.

Change your lighting. In any well thought out design, lighting always makes a huge difference. Switching to a chandelier with softer light will give the room a more gentle feel. Give your baby girl a sweet crystal chandelier and try stylish pendent for your little boy. Also, its not a difficult change to have an electrician come in and switch out your switches to dimmers.

Stand out lighting can make a big impact in any space. It helps to complete the big picture.

Keeping the nursery uncluttered and feeling cozy is a must. You’ll be spending many restless nights here, so keep the layout simple and easy to maneuver through.  You will find that  especially helpful  for night time visits. A crib, changing table, dresser and comfy chair are really your main necessities. Think about the placement and proximity. Placing the changing table near the crib and the chair near the changing table will definitely provide convenience.

To create an efficient and cozy nursery, have sufficient space to maneuver while keeping the important pieces of furniture in close proximity.

Use changeable elements to easily help convert the room through out the years. A convertible crib that can change through the first 10 years of life sounds like a steal to me, and you can find these almost anywhere these days.  A comfy over sized upholstered glider beats your traditional wooden rocker. Not only can you get them customized but this chair will fit better for a future big kid decor.  It’s perfect for snuggling up with a book or movie time.  Or try, which features a modern looking bassinet that can be recycled as an open toy chest when the child out grows the bassinet.  So neat!

This glider can certainly grow with your child.

Baby’ safety is key. Organic bed linens washed in sensitive detergent will provide a comfortable place to sleep. Be sure to use low or no VOC paints to also help avoid any early allergic reactions.

Benjamin Moore offers a great line of Zero VOC paints that are virtually odorless, this a great option for any sensitive sweetie.

Bottom line – think creative, comfortable, functional and safety when it comes to your precious baby’s home-away-from-your-arms.

Credits and images:  Luxury Nursery, Ohdeedoh, Wee Decor, HGTV – 10 Decorating Ideas for Nursery, Glam Push Presents,  and Benjamin Moore Paints.