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Don’t Be A Wallflower – Be Inspired

IdeaPaint is equivalent to dry eraser board but it performs much better.  Thanks to Living With White for posting this FUN product!

IdeaPaint in an Office Setting

Add texture to your walls with B&N wall panels.


This is reclaimed and recycled wood veneers.  I image these are used more for commercial applications; although, I would not limit your creativity.

Felt Wall Panels by FELT STUDIO – Yes this is a new slant on felt from back in the day. The Studio is led by Kathryn Walter and she is delighted to explore new ways and applications to manufacture and install  felt.

Screening Room Doors Custom made for Village Apartments

Wall Hanging Commissioned for Model Suite Hotel One  in Seattle, Wa

There is no limit to what you can do on your walls to keep them from blahsville.  Yes, I said blahsville.  You know the place where there is no personality, no character.  I dare you to create a masterpiece on your walls -then send a photo to share with us.

Before & After – Color Me Beautiful

Color: My clients were over it!  They had reached a point of despair with their NEW home not living to it’s full potential.  For starters, the color was all wrong.  For the main living area, this sectional was suffering from the 3D’s. Drab, dull and dreary. Although the wife more so than the husband, they both enjoy vibrant colors. Needless to say, they had just about had it with the 3D’s when they gave me a call.

BEFORE: Sectional and existing furniture from a previous home

Furniture: The position of the sectional mentally blocked off the connection between the kitchen area and the family room.  One of the key selling points in a house like this is the open floor plan so we wanted to enhance that feature as much as possible which meant using pieces with more flexibility in arrangement.

BEFORE: All walls were void of color and character.

Windows: The two story windows were screaming for some TLC and both homeowners were in agreement that floor to ceiling drapes were the way to go.  This was a chance to bring more color into the room and create a cozy cocoon for everyday  living .

BEFORE: Four sets of windows were in desperate need of dressing.

Details: The focal wall already housed the TV, fireplace and built-in shelving unit; yet, it lacked the features to make it a dynamic focal wall worthy of attention.

BEFORE: Focal wall

As you see a simple sketch of how it could look with a few minor changes convinced the homeowners to add a natural textured wallpaper and some additional trim molding to integrate it seamlessly with the existing molding on the bookcase and fireplace mantel and legs.

TRANSITION: Wallpaper installation freshly completed

Walls: The walls have been painted a soft green tint in P&L Appaloosa which satisfied the cooler tones the husband enjoys.  The wallpaper is in a blue/green sea grass that as you will see later, picks up the main color in the window treatment.

AFTER: View from the kitchen. Now that's a FOCAL POINT!!!

Lighting:  From the kitchen there are two focal points.  The immediate one is the table behind the sofa that has three purposes.  It’s a room divider, a decorative element concealing the back of the sofa with beautiful yet affordable accouterments and it’s also a place to position lamps for reading and soft mood lighting.

Because there was just one big florescent light over the island in the kitchen, we had it removed and several can lights installed to provide a softer more evenly distributed set of lights throughout the room.

AFTER: Carpet is by Flor!

Flooring: The carpet, by Flor, was super easy to design and install.  It added a modern touch with out too much geometry.

To fill an extra large wall, I painted an oversized abstract design  on 2 large canvases that were then placed side by side.

AFTER: To fill an extra large wall, I painted an over-sized abstract design on 2 large canvases that were then placed side by side.

Creating our own art for this project resolved three dilemmas: Finding the right colors, finding something within the clients budget and finding a way to transport such a large piece to their home.    You could look in magazines, books and even fabric for inspiration.  Abstract images are very easy to freehand. Pay a visit to a craft store such as Michael’s and AC Moore and pick up the appropriate acrylic colors, any brushes you will need and stretched canvases already on the frame.  I like the frames with more depth for a more professional look.

First Draft

After I painted the design I sent an image to the client to get some input and we both agreed it needed more depth to define the image.

More color was added and a photo of the image was emailed to the clients. I framed the border in a a dark bronze metallic paint.

The clients were satisfied with the colors at this point.  Before I delivered the paintings a few more touches were added and my clients agreed, for me not to be an artist it looked very artistic.  If I can do it anyone can.

Final painting delivered.

Final painting delivered and ready for mounting.

The installer attached both pieces before it was mounted and with a little finagling it was up and ready to enjoy!

AFTER: Family photos were edited and are now purposefully displayed upstairs.

Mentions: I had the carpenter add some picture frame molding on the stair way wall also.  Now the attention to family photos is assigned to one area only which is on both ends of the hallway upstairs.

I hope you have enjoyed watching this room unfold into something beautiful!  I know the clients are so into every minute they spend in their living room and kitchen.  If you have a before and after I would be glad to post and share with my viewers so we all can enjoy it.

Splashing Susani!

Fascinated with the bold, vibrant and colorful images found in Susani textiles?  If so, you re not alone.  Trendbites offer a brief but interesting  back story on the origins of the susani textile and UZTextile details the history of patterns, characteristics, materials and the various styles unique to each geographical region.

Designed as wall hangings and bed covers they are still used in this manor but also as table top covers, poof pillows, throws and so much more.

Talk about a color explosion! This susani bedcover steals the scene with an injection of vibrant colors and larger than life graphic designs.

Elle Decor via Jennifer Adams Design Blog

Even in a traditional interior setting, a susani in contrasting colors add a touch of modern flair.

Elle Decor via Hampton Hostess Blogspot

Beautiful! The turquoise walls are a cooling effect, but oh how I love the warm energy of these summer colors.

Image post from  Edyta and Company Blogspot

Uniquely personal it's obvious each item in this space was selected with purpose. The susani adds the right combination of large scale pattern with the richness of the textile itself.

Image post from  Cotodetexas.blogspot

The softer side of Susani

I agree with The City Sage, this rooms rustic ceiling, low windows, and softer hues, leave me captivated.

Susani wall hanging, matted and framed, contribute to the sophisticated flair of this living room.

Canadian House and Home Magazine via Design-Ties Blog

Large framed susani proving size really does matter.

Elle Decor via Little Green Notebook Blog

If a full scale susani is just too much for your design scheme, then just a touch in a chair or pillow can make an equally powerful statement.

Susani pillows

Susani Chair

Apartment Therapy via Little Green Notebook Blog

How cool is this chair trimmed in susani.

via Kids Today Online

Susani Upholstered Bench

via Inspire Bohemia Blogspot

You can't help but smile when you look at the clever mix of colors and patterns in this space.


via Apartment Thearpy


Suzani painted cabinet

via Girl World Decor Blogspot

Susani Shoes

I don’t know about you but this post leaves me I’m inspired to discover ways to add a splash of Susani in my home.

The Future is Now for Leather Tiles

OMG!  I can hardly guide my fingertips to share these wonderful magnetic leather tiles I just discovered!  Appropriately offered by a company called The Magnetic Leather Tile Company out of Miami, Florida.

I just received a notice that they have developed water resistant leather tiles for your dream bathroom or kitchen.  Using an incredible “green” sealant, the  tiles will actually repel water therefore avoiding absorption .

For the same price as our regular floor tiles, your bathroom and/or kitchen will look much more elegant and sophisticated but most importantly your feet will enjoy it!

They offer other leather tile options as well.  Installation: The tiles cover a galvanized metallic sheet on your surface and the Magnetic Leather tiles are applied directly on top.  This removable system makes it easy to change the location and design.

Simply stunning!  They offer various styles, designs and applications as well.

Sister Granite for Giallo Ornamental

Latest mini project:  Select a sister granite for a clients kitchen table that pairs well with their Giallo Ornamental counter top.

Currently they have a 42″ round wood table top that seriously has seen better days.  Since the base is iron it should support the weight of granite.  I think it’s a great alternative as long as the granite is a complementary color.  My initial thought is to pair it with a granite that has a greater concentration of brown in it.

I’ll give Charles Luck Stone a call today to see what they have.  If you have not had an opportunity to experience Charles Luck you are in for a devine treatment.  They take stone indulgence to a whole new level.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

Giallo Ornamental