Looking For a Cash Mob in Charlotte?

What a fascinating concept – CASH MOB.  This is a great way to stimulate the economy, support the local business community and meet people you ordinarily would not.  To date, there has not been one in Charlotte, NC, but I have a feeling that’s all about to change.

Just today, I heard of it for the first time on  WFAE NPR’s Here and Now. It’s brilliant!

There are official rules – but in general, the goal is to encourage people to go into small, local businesses and spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus. We’d help businesses grow, we’d make people happy, we’d get stuff for ourselves, have a great time, and maybe we’d get a drink to celebrate afterward.  The minimum suggested amount to spend is only $20.00.

Outside of doing my part to support local businesses, my favorite part is meeting new people and getting together afterwards at a nearby pub to chat and celebrate!

I’m keeping an eye out for one in Charlotte.  I will be there!  Let me know if you here of one as well.

Trad Home’s Preview for 2012


Thank you Curbed for letting us know about TradHome’s upcoming Spring 2012 issue introducing the next 20 up and coming interior designers, selected from a pool nominated by various bloggers. Get busy bloggers, the deadline is January 21st!  If you are not familiar with TradHome, it launched in May 2011.  It’s a hipper (did I just date myself?) e-version of the  traditional Traditional Home Magazine, although I’m a huge fan of the old school version as well.

Welcome to the World Brussel Out Law

Congratualtions! Beyonce and Jay-Z on your new baby girl Blue Ivy Carter! Welcome to the world Blue Ivy. I can’t wait to see pics. beyonce and jayzYou know, they really got me thinking about what we would name our baby if hubby and I were Rock Star celebrities. Just like this power couple, I would go for something that has special meaning for both of us.  If it were a boy, we would call him Brussel Out Law.

Brussel – ‘Cause brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable.  Slightly steamed, sauteed in olive oil, salt and pepper with a splash of lemon juice and umh-umh – delicious.  And they are so good for you.

Out – ‘Cause it just has a nice ring to it. “Out”, it’s short, simple and to the point, and Michal loves working “out” doors in the garden. In fact, we would probable call him Out most of the time. “Come in the house Out!”  “What are you doing Out?” “Clean your room NOW – OUT!’”  Yea, I like that)))

Law – Obviously, that’s our last name.

If we had a girl, we would name her Stayoff Dapole Law.  Celebrity Chris Rock put it best, his whole mission in life is to keep his daughters off the pole!!! Yep, hubby would have his hands full.  We would call her S.D. for short.

If you were a celebrity, and slightly CRAZY, what would you name your baby?

Where Oh Where is My Lit’l Brown Penny?


Hi Nibbles! I’ve missed you!

I know you have been wondering were I’ve been, for o’ the last 2 months!  Although, I have not been to the Bistro, I’ve been working a lot of hours as of late.  The design business has been goooood and I’m very thankful for it.  But that’s no excuse to not check in with you.  I miss sharing all my design findings for you to nibble on!

So look for future post as early as this weekend.  In the upcoming weeks, I will be writing a guest post for Chris Babcock’s newsletter. His passion is residential restorations. Thanks for the opportunity to connect with your followers Chris!

Also thanks to Lady a’ la mode for tagging a previous post on the many wonders of chalkboard paint!

Workshop For Starting Your Interior Design Business

As a veteran interior designer (wow, I sound old; let me rephrase that), as a young designer who’s been around for more than a minute, (ahh, that’s better) I often get questions related to the business side, from other designers that have only been around for a second. I think I am a better expert on advising them what NOT to do, as opposed to what they SHOULD do, only because I often learned through trial and error myself.

If it’s related to taxes and $$$, I’m not a lawyer and certainly not an accountant, so I quickly redirect those type of questions. I have a system I follow for my business but I’m not a finance consultant. They can ask me anything about the creative side, the sales side, the interpersonal side or the day to day operations side and I’m pretty darn good (as I pop my collar).

Here is a helpful link for inquirers to get a bit more comfortable setting up his or your own Interior Design business.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Workshop Series if you are in or near the Charlotte, NC area.  The seminar is May 24th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm at IKEA 8300 IKEA Boulevard  (Training Room) The workshop is sponsored by SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses. They are an extension of SBA, Small Business Association.

You don’t have to be an Interior Designer to take advantage of this. Any business you set up needs a plan, and the best time to create that plan, is before you begin anything else.

Now go out there and PREPARE  for your business.  Everyone else, support your local businesses:-)