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Have a Little Christmas All Year Long

Why do we have such a fascination with things that shine, that sparkle, that glow and bling?  I like it because it reminds me of having Christmas all year long.  No design element can escape it’s magical aura.  You can find it everywhere!

Wallpaper should always make a statement and this one certainly does.  Center stage is an over sized Vase with fresh flowers.  This metallic finish on plush velvet is to-die-for Linen.  The ultimate glow is this Pinwheel Pendant Lighting from above.

Area rugs help to ground a space and sometimes you want to create an air of polish and  sophistication even below your feet.  For effect, not so much comfort,  throw pillows add a dash of WOW! in just the right spot.  Layer multiples for a balanced look.  Yes, in SOME cases gold has made a comeback.  You have to admit, this faucet is oozing style and glamor.  Everyone can afford a star burst  mirror! I’ve seen them start as low as $15.00!

Why not splash your entire bedroom in silver! Now that’s sexy!

Silver and White bedroom

…or perhaps in gold for the ultimate seduction!

Gold Bedroom with Gray and White Bedding


…even your kitchen should not escape the twinkle of romance.

Modern kitchen back splash in mosaic tile


Do you have a little Christmas year round in your home?  If so, tell us where?

Wallpaper Revealed

Embrace, surround, explore and celebrate the many uses of wallpaper.   Here’s the skinny on some things you should know.

Revelation# 1:  It’s easy to calculate the quantity of wallpaper you need for your project


Revelation #2:  Wallpaper is packaged in double rolls but sold as single rolls.

Decades ago, manufacturers offered several different sizes of rolls (single, double, triple) with a standard of pricing by the single roll.  The pricing remains as it always has been – by the single roll. I know it’s confusing and just because its always been done that way doesn’t mean it always has to be. There is an added advantage to double roll packaging.  You are working with a longer continuous length; therefore, there is a greater amount of usable material (less waste when matching the pattern).

Info via Seabrook Wallpaper, answers to more wallpaper FAQ’s here

Revelation #3:  Look up to be inspired!

Use it on the ceiling.

The powder room is the perfect place to WOW a quest with wallpaper.  And yes, that’s wallpaper (grass cloth) on the ceiling too.

Revelation #4:  Put it on a focal wall.


Revelation #5: Put it “in”, “over” and “down” under.


Punctuated with rich velvety brown molding, natural wallpaper is placed above the chair rail, under the chair rail and within the picture molding of the wainscoting.  I’m loving it!  The white makes it less saturated and fresh on the eyes.

Revelation #6: Wallpaper has the power to dictate a design style


How darling is this transformation.  Kudos’s to this homeowner for seeing the potential in what could have been a tattered old cupboard. It’s gone from “granny” sad to “cougar” fine, ough-la-la!

Revelation #7: Use wallpaper as decoration for your furniture.

Via, see more artful furniture designs here

HotDOG I’m loving this room!  What a vibrant color combination. Of course, I’m a free spirited orange luving girl anyway – but to pair it with purple is awesome.

Revelation #8:  Use wallpaper to tell a story.


What’s up city slicker?! This kitchen mural would not have the same energy with any other design. Now you INSTANTLY get the felling of stepping out on a Friday night to enjoy the city with friends -and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  Many wallpaper murals are available in various styles.

Revelation #9:  Kitchen and wallpapers make a very good marriage

Via, see more great kitchen wallpaper designs here

I like this! Camouflage old cabinets with corner to corner wallpaper. If you can’t lick ’em – join ’em.

Revelation #10:  Wallpaper panels – framed art for your walls


I hope you’ve been inspired to discover which wallpaper designs are right for your project. Now get out there and start a WALLPAPER REVOLUTION!!!


Adults Like Writing On The Wall Too!

This post goes out to all my readers that like a little whimsy with their serious.  I just placed an order for a commercial client that wanted a contemporary, clean, simple way to display some of their products such as countertop, upholstery and cabinetry.

Right on the Walls was the answer to my prayers.  I needed a RUSH order placed because I have to install this unit next week. Yikes!!!

A big shout out goes to Christy at ROTW for pushing the order through after several emails and revisions!! You ROCK girly!!!  Once I get the delivery next week I’ll have to go into my FREAK-A-RATOR mode to get these units installed before a big event my client has. (Don’t get too alarmed this is still a Family Rated Blog.) Freak-a-rator is my action title for when a “decorator in the deadline zone”! Ha!

Anywho – I would have been up the creek if Right On The Walls had not come through.

I wanted to share this FUN company with you because they have mush much to offer.  From serious commercial applications...

to romantic

to inviting

to youthful

to whimsical or just about anything you can image.

Right On The Wall, wall decals and vinyl wall words are a great way to express your self visually. Indulge yourself and you will get hooked!

Inspiration for a Romantic, Timeless and Classic Bedroom

Interior Design / PCL Interiors,   Photo Credit / Clear Sky Images

Last Sunday marked the close of this years Southern Spring Home and Garden Show in Charlotte, NC.  As one of the participating IDS Interior Designers, I must admit, it was crazy fun and admittedly a little stressful at times.  Preparing for the installation can be a little daunting as I juggle coordinating all those little things that go into designing a room for a show along with trying to maintain the everyday tasks of the business. Thankfully, somehow it always works itself out.

This is my third time participating in the show.  The first time I designed a delightful outdoor veranda, and the second time a fun hang out retreat for tween girls. Both resulted in 1st Place awards (YES, a shameless plug)!

This year I had to participate, not only for the promise of brand exposure, but because  each room was to be inspired by a novel of our choosing.  My imagination soared instantly!  Since my space was designated as a bedroom, I selected The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger as my inspiration for the romantic depiction of how a timeless love parallels a timeless design. There’s a balanced mix of vintage traditional and current modern design elements in the space.

There are several elements introduced that were indirectly inspired by the novel.

1. To represent many meetings by Henry and Claire in the meadow – an introduction of organic materials like the branches, tree bark, fresh flowers and fresh willow branches. I also commissioned an artist to paint a landscape scene on canvas.

2. Torn wallpaper liner on the walls to honor Claire’s craft as a paper sculptor

3. A stack of books covered in wrapping paper serve as a table near the chaise and represent Henry’s profession as a librarian.

4. The clock has no hands because after all, time means nothing when you constantly involuntarily disappear at any given moment.

5. So, I blinged it out with chrome, silver and mercury glass to represent the current time

6. Charles Eastlake chaise and side table represents traveling back in time for a traditional style.

Out of 6 designer rooms, my design received 2nd Place and The People’s Choice Award!

Boulevard Home Furnishings Bazaar provided that adorably stunning french inspired canopy bed. Thanks Cynthia!

Luxurious Silk / Wool combo area rug – can you identify the silhouette of a sexy female body in the rug? Stark Carpet Outlet Tim, you ROCK!

Courtesy of Sally: Fine Italian bedding and linens from DeWoolfson Linens.

Close up of Duvet bedding and paint swatch in PCL Interiors design

A BIG thank you to Joan! Painting and precision wallpaper lining installation  Joan’s Designer Wallcoverings

Gotta love Sherwin Williams paint colors Oyster Bay (walls) Retreat (trim work).

Installation and painting of baseboards and crown molding by Eric and Carrie of Shy’s Design and Construction. Trust me, they do way more than this. Contact them for ANY construction needs.

Kim at Crate and Barrel provided the cordial side bar table. Perfect for any style room.

Bronze tone and cut glass pendant light fixture from Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited in Matthews.

Artist Rosalia Weiner of Home Art Designs.  Heavenly!!!  I commissioned Rosalia for three designs.

1. The love was certainly put into the “L-O-V-E” art on canvas. The branches and bark represent their frequent encounters in Meadow Lark, Claire’s parents backyard.

2. Over the bed is an acrylic painting on canvas, also inspired by Meadow Lark.

3. Most dramatically, on the wall, hand written excerpts from Henry’s love letter to Claire are artfully depicted in Spanish and English on the paper liner.

Thanks to my Jr. Designer Sam Monds, two student designers Raissa Zharoff and Angela Peck and my work room fabricator, Maria Orloff for two custom pillows.

Chrome garden stool from West Elm.

ALL the FRESH fabulous floral arrangements provided by Do A Little Floral in Huntersville, NC.

I certainly hope the images from this room and this great design idea will inspire you to take  elements from a novel and recreate them in your favorite room in the house. Have FUN!

Jump Start the New Year with Style and Flavor

Wow! Can you believe we’re already in the fourth week of the New Year? Appropriately enough given the title of this blog, my new year began with a delicious meal with friends at the retro-chic Poole’s Diner in Raleigh, NC, just a two hour drive from Charlotte.

Ashley Christensen

Owner/chef Ashley Christensen is a young, nationally-recognized and energetic talent whose style sensibilities are evident throughout the space that is once again home to one of the capital city’s dining meccas. Originally opened as a pie diner in 1945, Poole’s became a luncheonette in the early ’50’s to meet the demands of the government workers and other downtown business patrons who often stood in lines that wrapped around the corner in happy anticipation of the “chicken slick” and other delights which awaited. Once inside, customers dined at the double horseshoe counter, which now hugs the bar at the hot spot.

Christensen has seamlessly melded retro and modern touches, keeping and restoring the original red leather banquettes and tin ceilings, while adding decidedly hip pieces such as Lucite chairs and the large slate chalkboards that display both the bar and dining menus.

And whether you need to powder your nose or not, a visit to the ladies’ room is a must.  I’ve been saying it for years, wallpaper is making a comebackPoole’s adds a modern twist by hanging a vintage design on the ceiling.  How chic!

An old-fashioned leaded glass display case houses French lotions and liquid soaps in gleaming clear bottles, while touch-up essentials such as Q-tips, cotton balls, hair pins and even dental floss rest on top in apothecary jars.  (Yes I was inside the restroom sneaking some clicks with my camera) All the while, I was carried away imagining an assemble line of women entering the ladies’ room with one hairstyle to exit with another!

Before I get too carried away with Poole’s design appeal, I must talk about The Food.  Christensen, who is dedicated to using as many locally-sourced products as possible, stated that her goal was to offer “A traditional New Year’s Day meal ensuring luck and fortune for your 2011…  We’d like to reassign the power of black-eyed peas and collards to health and happiness”.  That means NO GREASE!  Amen to that!

Our party certainly felt that our year could not have gotten off to a better start.  Some of us feasted on NC oyster stew with leeks and bacon while others enjoyed mixed lettuces with red wine vinaigrette and “vacche rosso” parmigiano reggiano (featuring incredibly fresh greens from Beth Moore at the NC Farmers Market ).

We all enjoyed crispy NC catfish with roasted tomato aioli (from Carolina Classics Catfish in Ayden, NC), which was the perfect accompaniment of black-eyed peas, cider braised collards, mashed yukon golds and Anson Mills cornbread .

Fortunately, we still had room for dessert (well lets just say I made room) which was an absolutely decadent, warm challah bread pudding crisp with roasted pecans and bourbon hard sauce. It was the perfect end note and reminder that at Poole’s, tradition and modern updates combine to deliver a delicious and timeless dining experience.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better start to a year that I KNOW will be full of DESIGN, fine living IDEAS and INSPIRATION.  Poole’s serves as a reminder of how a mix of old and new can combine to create a singular, modern signature.

Here’s to you finding and celebrating your unique style in 2011.

The worlds best Bloody Mary that I have ever wrapped my taste buds around! Or maybe it was because I shared it with a wonderful group of people!