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Charlotte NC celebrates Homearama 2011

Show houses are so much fun to walk through!  It’s a wonderful canvas for designers and builders to flex their design muscle with little to no restrictions creatively.   5 homes at this years Homearama in Baxter Village provided such an opportunity.  My junior staffer, Jennifer Hobbs, a senior at Winthrop University, was happy to share her take on what the overall flavor was for each home.

House #1: Cyras Custom Homes
-this was the house Jennifer volunteered in and it was definitely her favorite!  They had a lot of repeat visitors.  This home was still up for sale as of the last day of viewing so if you are in the market, contact realtor, Kokila Kumar for additional information.

-Interior Designer-Kerri Robusto
-eclectic chic
-lots of stenciled wall and ceiling details
-well layered in terms of combining textiles
-custom materials (hardwood, Bordeaux granite, rounded/beveled wall corners not right angles, tall 14′ ceilings)


 Home#2: David Weekly Homes
Interior Designer- Builder

House# 3:  True Custom Homes
interior designer-SH Studio, exclusively for True Custom Homes
-shows the beauty of materials
-clean, crisp lines

Home# 4:  Evans Coghill Homes
interior designer-  Forrester and Kinney Interiors
-neutral colors
-simple lines
-furnishings are targeted toward family with older children
-great dining room chandelier (i’m using it one of my projects now!)
-used stamped concrete on the back patio which looked great!
-walk in master shower
-one of the guest rooms had a stuffed raccoon on the bed, I thought it was funny so I included it 🙂

Home# 5:  New Old Homes
interior designer- Mary Ludemann
interior decorator-Lorie Lower and Frances Leonhardt of Nest Furnishings
-140 year old hewn white oak beams repurposed from a barn in Monroe, NC were used in the kitchen/living room
-soft, feminine appeal
-various hues of blue as well as a recurring bird theme peppered the overall design
-cottage chic


Workshop For Starting Your Interior Design Business

As a veteran interior designer (wow, I sound old; let me rephrase that), as a young designer who’s been around for more than a minute, (ahh, that’s better) I often get questions related to the business side, from other designers that have only been around for a second. I think I am a better expert on advising them what NOT to do, as opposed to what they SHOULD do, only because I often learned through trial and error myself.

If it’s related to taxes and $$$, I’m not a lawyer and certainly not an accountant, so I quickly redirect those type of questions. I have a system I follow for my business but I’m not a finance consultant. They can ask me anything about the creative side, the sales side, the interpersonal side or the day to day operations side and I’m pretty darn good (as I pop my collar).

Here is a helpful link for inquirers to get a bit more comfortable setting up his or your own Interior Design business.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Workshop Series if you are in or near the Charlotte, NC area.  The seminar is May 24th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm at IKEA 8300 IKEA Boulevard  (Training Room) The workshop is sponsored by SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses. They are an extension of SBA, Small Business Association.

You don’t have to be an Interior Designer to take advantage of this. Any business you set up needs a plan, and the best time to create that plan, is before you begin anything else.

Now go out there and PREPARE  for your business.  Everyone else, support your local businesses:-)

Who Is Your Vote for the Sexiest Nationally Known Interior Designer?

For me, hands down Nate Berkus!

image via Material Girls Blog

I think it’s his easy going, unpretentious style that makes his good looks glow all the more.  Set aside the fact that his game is flawless when it comes to design.  He’s cute as a button (the way all men want to be described, I’m sure:-)), likable, approachable, and just one of the guys.

I would enjoy seeing  Nate do a standard interior design show. Focus on one family, one home transformation per episode.  I think that’s where his true strength lies. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy taking sneak peeks at him whenever I get a chance.

Must Haves! 2011 Interior Design Books

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

Interior designers love accessorizing with colorful, eye-catching coffee table books. Look out for these 2011 new releases that will not only be pretty to look at but offer great design ideas.

If transforming your home into a sustainable haven is a goal for 2011, this book by Ana G. Canizares may be for you. With 150 ideas for eco-designed homes, you are bound to be inspired. You’ll be able to snag this in early February.

Charlotte Moss Decorates

Interior Designer Charlotte Moss has done it again!

Just the cover of this book alone, makes me wish that I could flip through the pages right now!   Her 7th book Charlotte Moss Decorates, to be released April 2011, can be ordered as early as March. Moss is a well respected designer who has licensed designs with big name companies such as Fabricut, Stark Carpet and Brunschwig and Fig.

Not only a great coffee table book, but I’m sure that I’ll be flipping through the pages of Kelly Hoppen’s newest book for simple but lavish ideas this year! Look out for this one in March.

These are just a few of the new releases I am most excited to see; however, there are many more interior design books featuring a number of styles that may suite your taste even more this year.  Be sure to look for them and have fun reading GETTING INSPIRED!

2011 Interior Design Trends for a Modern World

Have you ever been curious about emerging trends in other developed countries? I certainly am.  Singapore has always had their hand on the pulse of innovative design solutions, especially when it comes to space saving design.  Many ideas fall in line with America’s trends for the upcoming year.  I selected just a few high lights from an article written by Vincent Lauren on Interior Design in Singapore.

Along with the New Year, here are some predictions for interior design trends for 2011 that Singapore would be likely to adopt. The concept of integrated living and working spaces seem to be increasingly feasible especially with the lack of space and the rising costs of building space as well.

Multi-purpose rooms, home office spaces and the like are expected to be a common sight. The honeysuckle color is also predicted by Pantone to be the hot color of the year too. (Although I say it must be used in JUST the RIGHT application, or you risk bubblegum explosion)

Even so, the usual popular decor themes also include Modern Tropical Balinese, Modern Contemporary, Modern Orientalist or Modern Baroque designs. These favorites are likely to remain or even increase in popularity this year.

Modern Tropical Balinese

Modern Contemporary

Modern Orientalist

Modern Baroque Design

Office spaces are also likely to move towards minimalist modern concepts, together with more green furniture being used for both cost savings and efficiency. In anticipation of the bright future ahead, it is exciting to see what’s more in store for this growing industry.

Read the full article here.

Vincent Lauren is Interior Design expert in Singapore since 1999. Check out this website for more information Unique version for reprint here: Learn About Interior Design Singapore.