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Have a Little Christmas All Year Long

Why do we have such a fascination with things that shine, that sparkle, that glow and bling?  I like it because it reminds me of having Christmas all year long.  No design element can escape it’s magical aura.  You can find it everywhere!

Wallpaper should always make a statement and this one certainly does.  Center stage is an over sized Vase with fresh flowers.  This metallic finish on plush velvet is to-die-for Linen.  The ultimate glow is this Pinwheel Pendant Lighting from above.

Area rugs help to ground a space and sometimes you want to create an air of polish and  sophistication even below your feet.  For effect, not so much comfort,  throw pillows add a dash of WOW! in just the right spot.  Layer multiples for a balanced look.  Yes, in SOME cases gold has made a comeback.  You have to admit, this faucet is oozing style and glamor.  Everyone can afford a star burst  mirror! I’ve seen them start as low as $15.00!

Why not splash your entire bedroom in silver! Now that’s sexy!

Silver and White bedroom

…or perhaps in gold for the ultimate seduction!

Gold Bedroom with Gray and White Bedding


…even your kitchen should not escape the twinkle of romance.

Modern kitchen back splash in mosaic tile


Do you have a little Christmas year round in your home?  If so, tell us where?

The Wild Wonderful World of Weaths

For years I’ve been looking at 2 river birch trees in our back yard  wondering what I could fashion from their beautiful tattered bark.

Three different times I’ve peeled back layers upon layers of this bark, collected them in bags with no idea how to use them outside of wrapping  candles, or vases, and it never gets done.

This Christmas I’m feeling inspired to make something – with this bark – yet again:):):)  Take a look at these two wreaths!!!  That’s rolled bark!  Adorable.



I’ll certainly post pics if I follow through. If I don’t, well, there’s always next year:)

In the meantime, enjoy some other unique wreaths.

Feathers are trendy this year.  Why not have a wreath of feathers.


Nuff said. Stunning!


S-H-U-T UP! !! I’m gasping (like Rachael Zoe when she first walks into a designer’s shop and spots a smock  5 TIMES TOO large!)… “If you watch the sh, You know what I’m talking about”!!!


 I WANT this!!! Why I love items that have a very rough, natural organic appearance I don’t know.   How unique!   Made with vintage paper and cut with special scissors, it’s so Martha Stewart-ish.

Another view.  Still marvelous!

Too heavy to hang, but right at home on a table top.  I call it  the Zen wreath.



What the! Now that’s personalization to the max. Pile on all that’s important in your life – make it stick and hang it on the wall!  This would make the perfect gift, to receive OR give.

See more cool wreaths here

Indian Corn Husk Wreaths Via

Music Sheet Wreath, Via


That’s it! Go get your wreath on Nibblets!

Happy Birthday Jesus & Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas is my favorite time of year!

It’s a time that I celebrate the birth of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It’s a time to spend celebrating life, family, friendships, blessings and lessons learned.  I am so grateful for the life that I live, especially during  the sweet spots AND rough patches.  Through it all I continue to learn that God is always with me to carry me through.  My prayer is for others that I know (and don’t know) to be blessed physically, emotionally and spiritually as well!

What’s on your mantel?

I ask that because in my home its second to the kitchen where we gather around. I enjoyed decorating the mantel with all the greeting cards we received in the mail, a stocking for our two puppies and a beautiful pink one for our God daughter.  The three little stuffed dolls on the top left are from my favorite childhood Christmas movie, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Sam the Snowman, the scary (as a child and still a little now) but really misunderstood Abominable Snow Monster and the brave prospector, Yukon Cornelius.  I gave away Rudolph and The Dentist a few years ago, but I’m hoping to find replacements soon. Anyway, what a classic.  I watch it every year and it takes me back to such a magical time.

Christmas would not be Christmas without something delicious to eat.

Today I’m slow cooking pork chops which are almost done.  I quartered potatoes, carrots, celery and added them to the bottom of the cooker. Then I browned the chops in a little oil and layered those in the cooker with Lucks sliced apples. I mixed some beef broth and Lipton Onion Soup mix and poured that over it.  Talk about melt-in-your-mouth tender!!  With it we’ll have some traditional collard greens, mashed cauliflower, rice and crescent rolls.  I am a Southern girl you know.

Now we are just waiting for the snow which the weatherman predicts will arrive sometime this evening.

Hope your Christmas is filled with LOVE and LAUGHTER!

Finally Getting Into The Thanksgiving Spirit!

A Design Driven Life – posted by Sam

Yes, I know, it’s a shame. As Thanksgiving approaches quickly and is just days away, I am finally feeling the holiday spirit! Soon, my family and I will be boarding a plane to small town USA or in other words, Plattsburgh, NY! Not too far from Lake Placid, this is where my grandmother resides. This is my very domestic grandmother who can pretty much do anything! I’m super excited to see what new talents I’ll come back with, don’t worry, I’ll give you the scoop! But back to thanksgiving, I figured I’d leave you all with a few fun things for Thanksgiving… Enjoy!

There is enough stress and pressure involved with cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner that your table setting should be the least of your worries. This table setting is very pretty and simple to create, and is sure to impress your holiday guests. You could create this table setting with a strip of burlap fabric (can find it in any cut yardage fabric store) and run it down the center. Then grab a couple of bud vases or small pottery pieces that you may have around the house and pop in a couple of beautiful leaves from your yard, and even naturally growing flowers you may have. Place these randomly on the table or even at each table setting. Last, use your best china (that you never get to use!), or even mis matched dishes (to create a less formal feel) to set the table, add in water glasses and cloth napkins. Your result will be a cozy and stylish table setting that could work all season long.

A simple, yet festive table setting for the holidays

Creative centerpieces are always a big hit at your holiday dinner. Try one of these great ideas using a traditional pumpkin

An unexpected look for your traditional pumpkin

Add a little sparkle where ever you can, especially for the holiday.

Looking to find a new recipe to mix things up this thanksgiving? New York magazine recently did an article on top chefs and their Thanksgiving family recipes, one of these will surely be a hit!

Try a new recipe this year, one of these recipes is bound to become one of you family's Thanksgiving regulars!

If you’re like me, and aren’t cooking the turkey this year, be sure to bring your holiday host something sweet to show your appreciation! These cocktail mixers are a great way to bring in the holidays and a thoughtful way to say thanks!

Bring a fun gift for a hard working host

I hope you all have enjoyed reading and have a fabulous holiday, now enjoy this last link, you’ll love it!  —>Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos courtesty of Country Living, New York Magazine, No Fuss Fabulous, & PureContemporary.

Halloween Inspired Decor

Design inspiration can come from the most unlikely source.  It could be a color palette plucked right from your wardrobe, a favorite advertisement from a magazine, texture and colors from a plate of food, landscape from your garden or colors from a season or holiday – including Halloween.

Shades of gray, black, white, orange, red, yellow are all colors representative of the season.

Find fun ways to incorporate them into your home – without being obvious.  After all, who wants to live in perpetual spookiness?!

via Smashing Magazine

via Elle Decor

Orange is such an exuberant color.  It has the power to take your space from hum-drum to vibrant!  Just a little can go such a long way.

via Designer: Ron Marvin

Black is perhaps the  most celebrated color of all during Halloween.  Could you ever have imaged a black bedroom being so beautiful?

image via Alkemie Blogspot

Black bedroom walls

This bookcase wallpaper by Deborah Bowness dramatically reminds me of Count Dracula as he raises his cape just before he claims his next victim, Even the red chair makes me think of blood dripping from his mouth.

both images via Attic Mag

Trick or Treat would not be complete without ghosts adorned  in white sheets floating in the midnight air!

Moris Moreno via  Maria Burgos Design Blog

via Great Interior Design

Bring on the slim!

This wall has been slimmed – beautifully!

via Hit Decor

Unexpected places to put an unexpected color, but I love it

via Exquisite – Design

What Halloween design would not be complete with blood, guts and gore!!!!

via Elle Decor

via Design Sponge