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Taking Design Cues From Grandma

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

Bright colors and layered patterns make up this modern "grandma" style

I’ve found that I am really drawn to the vintage style. Its like a recycled style that you just can’t mess up. user “DecorDemon” had the best article and idea book featuring vintage looks that are almost like a comforting grandmother’s style revival. I found this little blurb very inspirational! I hope you enjoy it! Channel Your Grandparents for a Fresh Take on Retro.

The Best Hallways are full of Personality

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

One of the least talked about spaces in the home is typically the hallway. Even though you use it everyday, it may be over looked. Your hallway can help to pull together the rooms adjacent to it, and help to make your well decorated home feel more complete.  Are there any rules to decorating a hallway? Sure, there are certain guide lines you can follow to ensure success; however, the most important rule is to make it your own – unique to your family’s style.

I’ve pulled together a few hallways that will get you thinking about your own.


by Soorikian Architecture

Not just for kids…how creative is this hallway?

by Heather Espana

One hardly knows which way to look first in this hallway? And look at what’s waiting for you at the end!

by Barbara Chambers

Courtesy of Wink...never a dull moment AND the wainscoting will ensure you take it ALL in!

From (DesignSponge)  Showcase your collectibles

Soorikian Architecture,

Heather Espana

Barbara Chambers

Picture Perfect

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

As of right now, I have a slight obsession with picture frame arrangements done well. Whether its family photos or a collection of art work the arrangement on your walls can do wonders to your space. There really isn’t a right or wrong way of doing it, but the thought of breaking out the hammer, nails and level can be daunting. Well no worries, I recently came across a product called “The Perfect Picture Wall” that does just what it says. Once I saw this I knew I had to share it with you guys! Here’s what you get:

10 Solid Wood Frames (many finish options)

11 Pre-framed images

10 Archival mats/4ply

4 Levels

13 One step brass hooks

Marking Pins

Removable mounting squares

1 Standard Preview Template

So basically, this is a product that takes the hassle out of hanging a picture frame wall arrangement! And at only $349.00, this is a fabulous deal!

Must Haves! 2011 Interior Design Books

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

Interior designers love accessorizing with colorful, eye-catching coffee table books. Look out for these 2011 new releases that will not only be pretty to look at but offer great design ideas.

If transforming your home into a sustainable haven is a goal for 2011, this book by Ana G. Canizares may be for you. With 150 ideas for eco-designed homes, you are bound to be inspired. You’ll be able to snag this in early February.

Charlotte Moss Decorates

Interior Designer Charlotte Moss has done it again!

Just the cover of this book alone, makes me wish that I could flip through the pages right now!   Her 7th book Charlotte Moss Decorates, to be released April 2011, can be ordered as early as March. Moss is a well respected designer who has licensed designs with big name companies such as Fabricut, Stark Carpet and Brunschwig and Fig.

Not only a great coffee table book, but I’m sure that I’ll be flipping through the pages of Kelly Hoppen’s newest book for simple but lavish ideas this year! Look out for this one in March.

These are just a few of the new releases I am most excited to see; however, there are many more interior design books featuring a number of styles that may suite your taste even more this year.  Be sure to look for them and have fun reading GETTING INSPIRED!

Blessing In Disguise- The Man with the Golden Voice!

A Design Driven Life – by Sam

You may have already heard about the viral sensation of Ted Williams aka “The Man with The Golden Voice”. The once homeless man and recovered drug addict who got the chance to show off his booming voice through You Tube and is now landing job offer after job offer. After seeing Williams on Good Morning America, it really struck a chord with me, his story is so inspiring, and really shows that there is hope in the world and that God has a plan for everyone! Check out his story here, we will all definitely be seeing more of him!!