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Welcome to the World Brussel Out Law

Congratualtions! Beyonce and Jay-Z on your new baby girl Blue Ivy Carter! Welcome to the world Blue Ivy. I can’t wait to see pics. beyonce and jayzYou know, they really got me thinking about what we would name our baby if hubby and I were Rock Star celebrities. Just like this power couple, I would go for something that has special meaning for both of us.  If it were a boy, we would call him Brussel Out Law.

Brussel – ‘Cause brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable.  Slightly steamed, sauteed in olive oil, salt and pepper with a splash of lemon juice and umh-umh – delicious.  And they are so good for you.

Out – ‘Cause it just has a nice ring to it. “Out”, it’s short, simple and to the point, and Michal loves working “out” doors in the garden. In fact, we would probable call him Out most of the time. “Come in the house Out!”  “What are you doing Out?” “Clean your room NOW – OUT!’”  Yea, I like that)))

Law – Obviously, that’s our last name.

If we had a girl, we would name her Stayoff Dapole Law.  Celebrity Chris Rock put it best, his whole mission in life is to keep his daughters off the pole!!! Yep, hubby would have his hands full.  We would call her S.D. for short.

If you were a celebrity, and slightly CRAZY, what would you name your baby?

Does Your Home Reflect Who You Are?

Without a doubt, here are the two best designed rooms in Jenny Garth and Peter Facinelli’s home in Toluca Lake.

See all 25 photos here.

Jenny and Peter

The Luxist is featuring their home which is currently selling for $5.995 Mil.   John Ritter grew up in this house by the way.   I suppose I thought the home would have a more youthful appearance in the interior.  But honestly, do I know any thing about this couple personally?  Not at all.  So maybe it does reflect who they are.   I know it’s important to a persons well being that you surround yourself with things that you value and bring you peace within your home, your  “place to escape”.  After all, your home is your second skin and you should  feel more comfortable there than anywhere else.

For me, it’s the colors though out my home that reflect my personality.  My bedroom is still a work in progress, (we’re saving our dough to do IT right.)  All the other areas have warm tones though out the rooms.  I find colors like sweet potato orange, cinnamon, terra cottas and ochers very relaxing.  I wonder if it’s because I enjoy food so much that I enjoy these colors. HA!  That’s it!

Photo of MY breakfast area and sun room! This is where I enjoy spending time with family and the doggies!

The walls throughout  main living areas of my home are plaster with a tea stained finish.  This is the perfect backdrop for me to express my personality.  For instance, my love of orange represents my creativity, impulsiveness and high energy level.  Remember this image because you will rarely see my home this organized again!!!!

What space in your home represents who you are?  Send me photos and tell me what makes you tick!

HGTV Design Star 2010! “My Style is Bohemian Chic.” Oh Really?

I got a chance to watch HGTV’s Design Star last night, and…


Design Star Cast

They made some changes to the show which may have been a bad move. Watching tonight’s show left me multi-tasking;  I finally got around to filing my nails, skimmed through my favorite mag, surfed the web, got a last minute snack and seriously could have fit a few more things in.

Unlike last year where I called Antonio Ballatore as the winner ON DAY ONE, no designer truly stands out for me.  After looking at their portfolios I see why.  I’m sure they submitted their best work; however, I was less impressed than previous years.  (There was one exception, kudos to designer Trent Hulgren for some striking photos of his work.)

My take away:

Who am I rooting for at the moment? Courtland Bascon from Los Angeles for being a class act.  Winning should not be at any cost.  That’s my opinion, which is why I’ve never submitted an application.  I’m not cut throat enough – and proud of it.

He attempted to play the game fair and square out the gate and got royally you know what, by that you know who – N.F.  I really don’t even want to give her any extra press by mentioning her name.  Personality wise,  she does not represent the type of designer I would want working for me and I’ll leave it at that.  Design wise, she completely ignored the clients (Courtland) preferences and then shot him down with the infamous “Bohemian Chic” line the first chance she got.  Okay, as Wendy Williams “How U Doin’?” would say, Put that where? Back there.  I’m done with her.

Should Julie have been sent packing? Yes, although there were a couple of others that could have easily taken her place.  Emily could have been one of them – BUT I’m glad she’s still around.  I don’t want her to get the boot until she gets her mojo and self esteem in tack.  She’s adorable and you never know who will pull this off in the end.

I agree with Julia’s observations at Hooked On Houses AND about the missing link – Clive Pearce.  His professionalism is unmatched.  Now that I think about it, I do wonder if that was strategic, since it seems like most of the designers are less experienced than last year.

Oh well, only two more reunion episodes of Real Housewives of NYC and I’m sure this show will take it’s place on my top 10 List of Reality TV Pleasures.

Did anyone else watch and would like to chime in?


Penelope Cruz is Hot, Hot, Hot

That is one HOT MESS of a staged multimillion dollar home she’s trying to sell.  Pictures speak volumes!

It’s just too sad for me to post any more images here.  This is what $3.69 Mil will get you in on the Sunset Strip.  I do like the structure of the house however.  All it needs is some TLC.

Photos courtesy of …I think Penelope’s cell phone.

Thumbs Down For One Of The Real Housewives of NYC!

I make a point of Tivoing ( is that a word)  Real Housewives of Orange County, New York and sometimes Atlanta and New Jersey. It was fun taking a peek inside two of the housewives summer estates in the Hamptons on The Huffington Post site. Both summer rentals are approximately 5800 sq ft for $300,000.00 or so.

One is fabulously decorated! It’s fresh, young and the perfect set up for a summer get-away. The other I would not classify as a true HOT MESS – saved by a few current rooms.  It’s just too formal, too over the top,  traditional and stuffy for such an energetic woman.  That’s my opinion and we all have one, right?

Take a look and you decide who gets the thumbs up and who needs a new decorator.

Property One

Photography courtesy of

Property Two

Photos courtesy of

Although I would much rather hang out with Ramona Singer, Kelly Bensimon’s, Property One is hands down over Ramona’s as the better interior property.  Would you agree?