You found the site, you’ve wandered around, but you still have a few questions such as, “Is The Design Bistro Blog about food or decorating?” Or, “Is this also an Interior Design Studio?” or “Do you take reservations?”  The answers are, sometimes food – always decorating, yes we are designers, and no, it’s not really a bistro, but we do book consultations! Nibblers, you’ve come to the right place for answers to help you navigate TDBB.

(I bet I know what your first question is!) Go on, test it out.

ENTER your keyword, term or question in the first block, then click on SEARCH.

Or, HIT the arrow on the middle button and down pops the category that best fits your question.  Click on SELECT and you’ll get a list to CLICK on.

Don’t see your question?  No worries, just send me an email directly by typing in your question below, include a return email and CLICK on ASK.

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