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Affordable ON-LINE Design Services

Decorating your home can seem overwhelming if you don’t have the time or the talent to do it right.  Starting off in the wrong direction and then having to reverse costly mistakes makes it even more frustrating.  Our Design Service team can help you get your project started ON THE RIGHT TRACK with 3 affordable packages!  Select one or all 3 depending on your needs.

I provide these valuable tools all the time to my on-site clients. I GUARANTEE you’ll be more than happy with the services, or I will issue a COMPLETE REFUND within 30 DAYS of your purchases!!!  What do you have to lose?  See which package is right for you.

Option 1:  One Time Design Question and Solution $50

I know you have ONE THING about your family room that has been nagging you for months, if not years. It’s that ONE THING that keeps you from just loving your bedroom or dining room.  That ONE THING has you paralyzed and fearful of moving forward with other decorating projects. I hear it all the time.

I also know the likely reason you haven’t contacted a designer.  Quite frankly, it’s too small a problem to pay for a full in-home consultation,  yet you still need it resolved.

We can help you resolve the problem – virtually. Send us your question and you’ll get the answer with in 6 days.  And no, the question can’t be “How can I design my bedroom”, or “I need a kitchen cabinet layout” or “What colors should I use throughout my home”?  $50.00 can’t get you the answer to those in depth questions; however, it can get you the answer to questions like “How should you arrange family photos on a particular wall, or what’s the best arrangement for accessories over my kitchen cabinets?

It’s time to get these questions and others answered my friend!

The process is simple.

Pay for the service in advance then you will receive a confirmation email within 2 days directing you to email at least two photos from different vantage points of the area in question. You will then receive a response from me within 4 days.  The answer will include a written description.  And if needed a sketch, a visual image or a link to a particular product.  whatever is required to resolve your problem.   If we find that the resolution is much more involved and not applicable for this platform, you will receive a full refund.

Click the link below and pay $50.00 and you are one step closer to your design resolution!




Option 2: Personalized Furniture and Space  Plan $150.00

Are you in the market for new furniture but are not certain about the size or placement?  Do you have an awkward furniture room design and are frustrated with your current furniture arrangement? Do you enjoy shopping for furniture but need guidance on what to shop for?

Follow my plan and there will be no more wondering if you have the right size furniture for your home. If you have ever purchased furniture, to get it home and then realize it’s way too big or to small then you know exactly what I am referring to. Don’t make a mistake that you will have to live with.  I promise you will regret it and find yourself having to work around a bad space plan.

The floor plan below is an example of how it will look. 

Click the link below and pay $150.00 and you are one step closer to your customized space plan!

Option 3: Customized Inspiration Board  $175.00


Select this method and you will receive a follow up email from me requesting more details about your space.  This is a PERSONALIZED plan so I will need some details about your room to create your inspiration board.

Click the link below and pay $175.00 and you are one step closer to your personalized design!


All services are performed in part or whole by Penny Law of PCL Interiors and PCL Interiors team members.  Each order is reviewed or completed personally by Interior Designer, Penny Law before it is released.  All communication and completed orders will be sent via email.  In order to receive these amazingly low prices, communication will be via email only and not by phone; however, because I want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order, all customer service concerns can be directed to (704) 509-9111 or info@thedesignbistroblog.com

Thank you and I look forward to helping you resolve your design challenges!






  1. Vanessa Graham

    I am trying to surprise my husband by turning one of our bedrooms into a “Man Room” for him. I need help!

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