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Single Professional Female Seeking a Warm Cozy Home

No more bare soulless windows!

The windows are the perfect place to start warming up the “feel” of a room. This particular client is a young, single professional female seeking a warm contemporary look for her family room windows.  “ I like the look of draperies with valances but I don’t want it to look like my mothers. She has great taste, but I want a younger style”.  I heard her loud and clear and after a couple of sketches, this one got an immediate reaction, “I love it!”.  Ahhh, the perfect response and with the help of Maria, my fabricator, we went from this vision…

Quick sketch

…to this beautiful, well dressed cozy window design!  The orange print fabric exudes modern vitality.  The curves add a sexy twist to a standard board mounted valance while the grommets ensure a casual vibe to the overall look.

blog upload

And my favorite detail of all are the chrome nail heads in the banding of the valance.  They pair well with the brushed nickel hardware and add a touch of the unexpected.

Family room close up

My favorite part of this installation was my clients’ smile of pure happiness every time she looked at her draperies. “Finally after 3 years my house is starting to look like a home”.  Another perfect match!

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